An Elvis Special Filmed In Finland

By Hannu Ignatius from the Finnish Elvis FanclubFeb 27, 2000
Two legendary Elvis musicians, guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana visited Tampere, Finland last November. A ½ hour TV show was filmed during their brief visit and it will be aired in the middle of March. The most popular band in Finland at the time, Agents together with their vocalist Jorma Kääriäinen had a TV show of their own in spring of 1999. It became very popular right away and the producing TV channel TV2 wanted to do a few more parts for the series "Singing Heart". These three new parts will focus on rock'n'roll. Mr. Kääriäinen had a chance to perform - although quite briefly - with the legends in the summer of 1998 when the musicians visited Finland previous time. Now the four-piece band wondered if they could get the well-known Elvis musicians for their show to play. Hannu Ignatius, the president of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland contacted Scotty Moore and invited both of them to come and play in Finland in November 1999. Moore & Fontana had plans to make an European tour in early November but it was cancelled not long before it should have started. But the two gentlemen changed their minds and flew to Finland for the taping of the show, right after appearing in Paris. They stayed in Tampere for three days. There will be two separate specials (½ hour each) compiled from the film material. The first one includes mainly music; Agents as a house band and their overseas guests playing familiar Elvis tunes (such as That's All Right Mama, Heartbreak Hotel, Devil in Disguise etc.). Music speaks for itself. The second special had a working title "Making of Singing Heart". In this one we are to see bits & pieces from rehearsals as well as Jorma Kääriäinen interviewing both gentlemen. As far as we know, it is probable that the latter one will represent TV2 at Montreaux Golden Rose Television Festifal later this year.
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