An Army Trilogy

By LexNov 8, 2015
An Army Trilogy

Over a decade ago Andreas Roth made the Elvis-world happy by issuing “Elvis in Munich”. Recently Volume 2 of what should be a trilogy about Elvis’ time in Germany saw the light of day. Did An Army Trilogy (Volume II) come close to his former masterpiece?


With the saying “don’t fix what isn’t broken” in mind Andreas came up with more or less the same design. Again the book is bilingual and this time the left column is for English in black and German at the right in dark grey. The text is well paragraphed and the decorations in pictures and memorabilia are spread out wisely and easy on the eye. Of course most pictures are in black and white, but there are some in full colour too.


The book roughly covers the complete period Elvis spent in Germany. It does not try to tell the complete story but has themed chapters (Grafenwoehr maneuvers, Christmas, Munich again, Back to business to name a few). These chapters almost read as if they are scientifically researched and are presented with to the point pictures, many of them I never saw before.

The chapters are divided by “scrapbooks” where we get more pictures from the period, but also memorabilia like autographed postcards, record sleeves, newspaper and magazine clippings.

To be honest I thought when hearing about the book “how many books can you have about Elvis in Germany”? I can answer now by saying it is not complete without this one and I am already looking forward to Andreas’ next effort.


This is a more than worthy follow up to Andreas Roth’s Elvis In Munich. More pictures of Elvis, more pictures of Vera Tschechowa, great information, what more can a man want?

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circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2015report abuse
Surprised there are no comments about this over looked part of his life. This book looks interesting but I'd like to see FTD have a go. Their books are amazingly detailed.

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