An American Trilogy

By LexApr 11, 2007
An American Trilogy
The new FTD brings us live recordings from January/ February 1972. That’s more to my taste! Design I have nothing to complain here this time. Fitting pictures are completed with very readable text, even for my old eyes. Somehow I like the tiny Elvis on the front… Content To me 1972 was always a confusing year. Sometimes I loved live recordings from this year, and other times I though he mostly sounded like he was in a hurry… to get home or something like that. Especially with the MSG concerts (and a lot of On Tour stuff too) I had that latter feeling. Well on this disc Elvis isn’t really in a hurry… most of the time. “See See Rider” is a good version and is followed by a rockin’ “Proud Mary”. I think “Never Been To Spain” is soft, not as powerful as in NYC a couple of months later. The opposite counts for “You Gave Me A Mountain”, in which I am pretty much an exception because I never really liked it. This version is somewhat withdrawn, sensitive and not over the top like many of the later versions. The oldies “Love Me”, “All Shook Up”, “Teddy Bear/ Don’t Be Cruel” get close to the throw-away versions we all know so well by now. “Hound Dog” is a strange rendition… the bluesy part is faster than normal and the up-tempo part is slower, well, at least Elvis tried to keep it fun for himself here. “Little Sister/ Get Back” brings us to the already released tracks on this CD. Surprising was the false start (of over a minute) in “It’s Impossible”… I have to admit I never knew Elvis messed up here. “It’s Over”, “The Impossible Dream” and “A Big Hunk” are the other officially released versions on this disc. While hearing the title track “An American Trilogy” I immediately knew again why I am a fan, and why I am able to deal with the creeps in this dirty world (language area). WOW!! I really think it is the most beautiful version I’ve ever heard of this song, especially the lonesome trumpet that wanders around during the finale gave it very special touch, next to Elvis’ almost humble vocals… BI-U-TI-FULLLL!! “Can’t Help Falling In Love” got me back on earth again, but this time it doesn’t mean the end of the disc (still I don’t like the song ;-)). I cheated here and skipped back to “Trilogy” before going into the soundboard recording part of the disc: the soundboard of one of my favourite oldies “Opening Night” (Jan. 26, 1972). Obviously it is the same source as the bootleg, and I can’t say which one I like more, as a matter of fact I can: the bootleg since it is complete… Anyway, to a lot of us this is not new material, but for those who don’t know it: it is a more than fair soundboard of a pretty relaxed show with some beautiful renditions. Unfortunately one of the best versions of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” has a lot of reverb - or echo whatever you call it - which I noticed more on this disc than on the bootleg (but it is there too). Still, it is a nice way to fill up the CD to an acceptable hour, but why not more? I don’t think anyone of us minds to have a song twice on this disc (especially when compared to the Classic Album released at the same time). Conclusion Finally a FTD that will end up in my player more than a couple of times (or even just once) again… Lene Reidel didn’t really mess up this time (although I still have my doubts about the soundboard part), so it feels like we won the lottery.


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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 4, 2007report abuse
Speaking of writing for the king, what the hect happened on the sound,i myself found it rather pathetic, since after all its multi track recordings,seems they even find a way to mess those up,if your going to try to luer people to buy a book they dont want by putting cd's in it at least get the sound right,as for live in la,i still dont get the the reason to focos on elvis in la,and the concert is rather boring,with sound that only adds to my dislike of such a project,i again will mention the fact that i dont like my cd put in back of a book,who does that? to me they have no released 2 book projects back to back that dont lhave the quality they should,i really hope Elvis on tour the cd set when it does happen,isnt released by ftd, cause id like some liner notes and i dont wont a concert cd put in the back of another book,on a side note id buy a ftd book on Elvis on tour, but please if u put a cd with it at least put it in digi pack or something,as for an maerican trilogy cd, the sound is better that on writing for the king and i havent notised any noise etc on its impossiable,but ive not listed to the cd more than 2 times,i look forward to nashville 71 im just about burnt out on concerts unless its something from july 75 or Elvis on tour material!
Mike.S. (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
Hello Lex, thanks, when I read your comment, I was anxious to receive this CD, it happened today, and I would like to share some thoughts with you, I welcome any response. I’ve been frustrated about the latest FTD releases. ‘Unchained melody‘ had some annoying sound problems, ‘Writing for the King‘ put an excellent Las Vegas CD inside a different-topic-book, only for make sure, to buy this book, and finally ‘Live in L.A.‘ comes with a lot of out of focus pics and a quite boring show. Reminds me about Mr. Parker’s idea, that the real fan will buy anything, no matter how bad the quality. The '72 Multi-track Vegas recordings were long expected from the fans, usually SONY/BMG could have released an official CD, like ‘An afternoon in the Garden‘, full of infos and pictures. Maybe the cover would look a little bit different, because I’ve never seen an Elvis 70 LP-cover, that put him very small in the right corner. I appreciate the old RCA-logo, but the complete artwork still doesnt’t satisfy, concerning the importance of this material. Now, about your most favorite person, Lene Reidel, are you sure you didn't miss anything? Some of these recordings have been released before, on the ‘70s Masters Box Set‘, or on the ‘Burning love‘ CD, in far superior sound quality, although coming from the same source. Lately the CD ‘Elvis Inspirational‘ gave us a new mix-version of ‘The impossible dream‘. Why is the sound of the same version on ’An American trilogy‘ so poor. Did you compare by yourself ? Furthermore, is it just my CD, or can you hear a big ’Reidel‘ remastering scratch on ‘It’s impossible‘ 4:09, too? The most frustrating thing about this CD is, that because FTD has released it now, it will never bee released in an adequate way, that really pays tribute to the importance of this happening. By the way, there’s a rumour, that Lene isn‘t at all interested in Elvis‘ music, she just has to do her job for the company. Hope she doesn’t make these mistakes on purpose. Sincerely ...
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2007report abuse
Now that i was fully able to appreciate this CD after 2 listens on earphones, then nice stereo listen at home last night, i quite like it. YOU GAVE ME A MOUNTAIN is the highlight for me with some very subtle differences than heard before! It's Impossible WITH false start also adds as does slightly different Hound Dog, obviously the sound drops off for the comparitive 'soundboard' closing tracks but still worthwhile making a 63 minute listening experience. All told though i prefer his August 1972 performances and shows though, which brings me to my closing point and FULL agreement with hound216's coments why?- that's sloppy FTD.
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 16, 2007report abuse
excellant ftd cd and even though fans may own all or some of the songs on it,it is still worth buying and playing over and over..especially since some of the tracks were only performed once by elvis at these 1972 vegas shows..also,the sound is alot better and more enjoyable than the previous(and disapointing)"summer festival"..this show outshines any cd from 1972 so-far from rca..i will play it more than once in my cd player..which means it's a great rleased for any elvis fan..10 out of 10.
Palle (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 14, 2007report abuse
Damn, I dislike them using the RCA logo on a FTD release - I would understand it and welcome it if it were a Classic Albums-release, but heck, use the FTD logo on the cover if you must plant a logo there
hound216 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 14, 2007report abuse
This is a good release. My only problem is that the artwork is from the Summer Engagement, not the Winter. If they had done their homework, they could've easily figured this out.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2007report abuse
My fav release of the 3 releases this month,on a side note, stay away from no padding when they ship your items!
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2007report abuse
On the other hand, when I count the songs that are "new" or "previously unreleased" for me: See See Rider, Proud Mary, Never Been To Spain, You Gave Me a Mountain, An American Trilogy. (5 songs) And of course the usual "throw away" versions of some great hits: Love Me, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog and Can't Help Falling In Love. (another 5 songs) What's left are the ones we allready knew and have on several CD's: Little Sister/Get Back, It's Impossible (false start is new), It's Over, The Impossible Dream, A Big Hunk O' Love. Also the bonustracks from january 26, 1972 I allready have on the bootleg "Opening Night 1972"....I guess I am too critical
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2007report abuse
Lex is absolutely right about "You Gave Me a Mountain" and "American Trilogy". Elvis seems highly motivated to give his best here. Fantastic versions ! Those songs were new on the tracklist during this Vegas season and it shows..
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2007report abuse
Everything gets what it deserves... and sorry for not liking those songs. I have to admit I liked "Can't Help Falling In Love" as a little kid... maybe because it has something of a lulaby - at least the studio version. I think the live version is always overdone, except maybe in 68/69... those are pretty okay ;-).
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2007report abuse
I think it was a very good review... it's his opinnion. When you listen to the CD, you can agree or disagree with him ;) I can't wait to hear it!
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 12, 2007report abuse
Fair compared to that drive-by on the "Unchained Melody" FTD...! :) So Lex, you never liked "You Gave Me A Mountain"....*and* "Can't Help Falling In Love"? Tell us again why you're a reviewer? I'm kidding, but how picky can you get! Both are classic songs and he sang the hell out of 'em to the very end.
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2007report abuse
You 'surprise me Lex! LAST a 'fair' review!!

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