Always Elvis (one of many with this name)

Mar 26, 2000
Always Elvis (one of many with this name)
Design Here we have a page that looks like, feels like and tastes like the old version of the above mentioned site. Even the very unusual font that was used there, is used on most pages here too. Here we have a main menu and very long pages with the actual content. Sometimes there's an appropriate submenu. For example for the import albums which are ordered by label. The troubles start one "click" further. On some of the pages we discovered a certain system in the way the content was displayed, on some pages we are still searching for the "logic". Here we have a navigation structure that is very simple, just click on a link and you go where you want to go, but back ... you'll have to use your browser's back button since there's "no way back" on this site. Here we find a pro of this site, every menu-item has a "last" update with it, the con is that on the "content" pages you can't find which item has actually been updated. Here we have a page with a not too fancy look, an inconsequent use of fonts, and changing the background colour several times. Also on one page there is a fancy menu with a Java-applet, which doesn't seem to be in place on this site. Here we have the rating: 6/10 Content We can be very brief about the content of this site, we've seen it before. As we mentioned in the opening of this review, the site looks like a "copy" of the well known "For CD Collectors Only" at first sight. There are a lot of (import) CD's listed here, but it's hardly more than a track listing. A review of a CD helps you determine if it is interesting (enough) to buy. The "review" on this site is nothing more than a one sentence comment. This is the big difference between the 'original" and this site. Here lies a chance for this site, the "For CD Collectors Only" - website has a lot of reviews by other people than the webmaster. This makes it hard to compare the review and distillate the reviewer's personal taste. Patrick can add something special to his information by having comparable reviews, written by one person so you can "filter out" the personal touch. Since the "original" is off-line right now, it's nice to have a temporary "substitute", but we have to search for the "ten other differences" to determine the staying power of this site. Other differences we found were a list of the collectors label and Time Life series. Imports ordered by label, a exhaustive list of promo's ordered by country of origin, special edition CD's (shapes, gold CD's, locally released singles, fan club releases and so on), worldwide BMG releases and some DVD's. Most information is just listed by title, and like the import releases, nothing much is added to it. Besides that, one of our other conclusions is that a lot of content is incomplete, or even wrong (out dated cover art, fan club releases mentioned as BMG releases). Especially the last one is something that really "bothers" us since that directs fans in the wrong direction. Here we have the rating: 7/10 Advise You probably were thinking "why do start most paragraphs with the same three words" .... well this webmaster started! It looks like every time he added some extra information he started "blank", without thinking of the whole site using the same line over and over again. Our general conclusion on this site is that it doesn't match the "original" site. But we won't hold that against this webmaster, since there aren't that many sites which can. This webmaster could add his own personal touch some more to make the difference between his, and the For CD Collectors only website. We have some other small remarks, but we think the webmaster can read them between the lines. We understand that it isn't fair to compare a site to one of the most informative sites around, but looking at the design and content we couldn't do anything else. And then our conclusion is ... well you read that. We can't give out an award just yet, but if the webmaster makes sure there are some outstanding differences between his and comparable sites we might just have to take another look at our review.

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