All Elvis

Aug 11, 2002
All Elvis
Design The book has a soft cover and is printed on glossy paper. Overall the lay out is tasteful, but sometimes it is a pity that pictures are covering each other partly. Most pictures are in fair to good quality, but unfortunately there are quite some "terrible" ones too. Content After a foreword in which an interview with Tom Jones is included, (published in the Elvis Unlimited magazine a couple of years ago), we get the pictures in three sections: 50's, 60's and 70's. Because of these sections you'd expect the photos to be in chronological order, but unfortunately that is not always the case. A big minor is that there is no comment at all with the pictures, no dates, no places or anything else, just pictures. Well, "just" might be the wrong word, since there are some stunning ones among them. We think you'll see some of them coming up in the near future as picture of the week on our site. Conclusion Because of the diversity and the amount of unseen pictures this book is worth the publishing. We are a bit disappointed by the way it was worked out, but still happy to have it in our collection. You can order the book at Elvis Unlimited, but be quick, since only 2002 are made of them in this anniversary year.

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