All Elvis 2

Mar 1, 2006
All Elvis 2
Released by Elvis Unlimited is the follow up to their release “All Elvis”. Volume 2 features a new collection of rare and unpublished pictures of the King according to the subtitle, does it? Design The second volume has the same design as volume one. A glossy cover with an attractive Elvis, unfortunately out of focus. The book is full color, including the background for the pictures. 50 percent of the pictures is black and white though. The liner notes by David Parker are o.k. but not 100% correct, Elvis was not the #1 selling singles artist in the UK (unfortunately). David makes another remark on fans discussing images of Elvis, we will come back to that later. Content The book has four big chapters, 50s, 60s, 70s, and On Stage. A very basic way to portray Elvis’ life. The book is really a book you browse through, looking at the man’s life. It features a lot of original, but also a lot of well known images, a few too many to our liking. The quality of the images is o.k., but we don’t like the presentation, there are simply too many too different photos cropped together on the pages. The biggest minor is that we don’t get any information on the images. This is strange since David Parker writes in his liner notes that fans enjoy talking about each new picture of our man; when the picture was taken, where and other possible relevant details. We would say: “practice what you preach", because now we get a puzzle. Conclusion An o.k. book when you want to browse a lot of pictures of our man, but as a fan, give us a Ger Rijff book any day of the week, and two on Sunday. Elvis Unlimited cooperated with Ger Rijff in the past (The Rock And Roll Years - My Wish Came True), so we know they have the contacts and knowledge to produce really great books. Hopefully they will do this for volume 3.

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Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on May 11, 2006report abuse
This book is as good as Vol. I. Nice unreleased photos and some of the are not. If there will be a Vol. III I am surely buy it. Thanks again Elvisunlimited, great job, well done, fantastic. Thank you. Thank you very much. You´re fantastic.

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