Across The Country Vol. 2

By LexMay 9, 2007
Across The Country Vol. 2
The second volume in the “Across The Country” series on the Audionics label was recently released. The first volume wasn’t highly classified by us, will it be better now? Design With the great 70’s logo on the front one can’t go wrong. To me Elvis should always be written like this. The pictures in the well designed booklet are fitting to the shows, they are at least from the same tours that are represented on this disc. The 1975 shots are great, our man looked pretty good here. Even the Johnson City pictures from 1976 are bearable, but the remaining shots are a pain in the… uh, eye. The liner notes are informative, although a bit positively in my eyes. The picture CD itself looks great too. In other words, there is nothing to complain about the presentation of this release. Content The CD starts with the opening of the Sweets (Minneapolis, October 17, 1976). Nothing wrong with that – although I am an Elvis fan, it’s still a pleasant listening. The Elvis part of the CD starts with the main show in Huntsville (May 31, 1975 evening). As usual with this tour the soundboard recording is incomplete. It feels like I must have almost the complete tour on my shelves by now, and knowing the content of those I thought that this CD would be pretty enjoyable. We start with two uninspired oldies, “All Shook Up” and the “Don’t Be Teddy Bear” medley. Well, okay, that can happen. The band intros never really were my thing. There are some fun ones with surprisingly good solos, but overall I think it’s too much of the same (and mostly a too big part in the show). “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” were okay, but not more than that. “Hawaiian Wedding Song” is out of tune, it actually hurts the ear. Remarkable also is “An American Trilogy”, not because it is a great version, but because of the sound system that almost broke up. It sounds a bit like Elvis was hit several times with a connected mike. He reacts funny by changing the lyrics, but it doesn’t really add to the listening pleasure. Overall the sound is not as good as some of the other shows in this tour. Add to that a tired sounding, although in a good mood, Elvis and that pretty much describes the show. Had I listened to my wife the CD would have been turned off by now, and I would have missed the “Elvis highlight” on it. “I’m Leavin’” is way above par, a bit fast but still a little gem – certainly compared to the remaining of the disc. The Johnson City (March 17, 1976 evening) material is binaurial. James Burton’s guitar is very upfront, which is good in a way, since you can hardly hear Elvis’ poor performance on “And I Love You So”. Still it sounds messy all together, but not as bad as the binaurial recordings of the Orlando, Florida show on February 15, 1977 (evening). Here the piano is separated and it creates a complete cacophonic chaos. The positive side is that you can hardly hear Elvis at all. After removing the disc from the player I had to make the remark “but the disc itself is beautiful”. My wife suggested to make a clock out of it, and indeed that’s probably the best purpose for it, since it will never be played again. Conclusion There was a time that I thought it would be great to have all of Elvis’ shows on a silver disc. I grew over that a pretty long time ago, and this case underlines the wisdom of that decision. For the completists only! I applaud the effort in the artwork, but that’s not something to buy a CD for. Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 17, 1976 (approx. running time 14:34) 01. Sweet Inspiration - 02. Last Time I Saw Him - 03. Introductions of the band and the Sweet Inspirations - 04. Stevie Wonder Medley ("Stevie Is A Wonder" / For Once In My Life / You've Got It Bad Girl / Superstition / You Are The Sunshine Of My Life / Living For TheCity / All In Love Is Fair / Higher Ground) - 05. Closing Announcements. Huntsville, Alabama, May 31, 1975 (8:30 P.M.) (approx. running time 49:52) 06. All Shook Up - 07. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - 08. The Wonder Of You - 09. Burning Love - 10. Band Introductions - 11. Johnny B. Goode -12. Drums Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 13. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 14.Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - 15. School Day - 16. (**) I Can't Stop Loving You - 15. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - 16. Hawaiian Wedding Song - 17. Let Me Be There (with reprise) - 18. Why Me Lord - 19. An American Trilogy - 20.Hound Dog - 21. Funny How Time Slips Away - 22. Little Darlin' - 23.(**) I'm Leavin' - 24. Can't Help Falling In Love - 25. Closing Vamp. Johnson City, Tennessee, March 17, 1976 (approx. running time 05:22) 26. (*) What'd I Say - 27. (*) And I Love You So (with break) Orlando, Florida, February 15, 1977 (approx. running time 09:23) 28. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 29. You Gave Me A Mountain - 30. Help Me Total CD running time: 79:10 (*) denotes previously released tracks
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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2007report abuse
Rob i very much agree with what you say, i dont buy many imports, such as most audiance recordings, and even some of the soundboard that are way too boring for my taste, which alot of times seem to come from vegas, but may through july of 1975 to me are some fun shows, every concert doesnt have to be nothing but serios, some shows like this one to me are fun and put me in good moood when needed, but of course everyone has there oppion and has every right to voice it, thats likes me the american sound sessions are not as big of deal to me as they are to others, just my own personal taste but theres something for everybody!
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on May 12, 2007report abuse
I don't know the cd, I'm not going to buy it, but keep on writing Lex!!! Not everything made/sung by our man is worth listening to. He would have been the first probably, to agree.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on May 10, 2007report abuse
Hi Mark! Doesn't look like... it's obviously not allowed to give your opinion on anything with Elvis' name on it if it isn't strictly positive.... well I hope I can still sleep tonight!

You Don't Know Me, thanks for the corrections! Be sure to use good cartridges! I agree he is in a good mood, like I said in the review, but the show isn't as good as most others in the tour, nor is the sound. How I think of the majority of Elvis' shows in 76/77 is known by now, I think. Just skip a review if my name's on it. That's why we changed that :-).
Mark S. (profilecontact) wrote on May 10, 2007report abuse
Makin' friends again, are you Lex? ;-)
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on May 10, 2007report abuse
This would HAVE to standout as one of the worst-so called CD 'reviews' and often completely factually incorrect as well! I mean "Hampton Roads (May 31, 1975 evening)" written instead of Huntsville AND again "Orlando, Florida show on February 2, 1977"- when it should have been Feb 15th 1977. This kind of 'sloppyness' stinks even before i read this 'article' This CD is once again a compilation similar to the 'Across the Country Volume #1' but this time its a much better experience. Our man in great 'spirits' in Huntsville and nice stereo sounds from Johnson city and Orlando tracks from 15th Feb(this time) sound better on my ears than the previous 3 from this show! Yes Sweets material is 'superfluous' but again 'pleasant' to hear and i enjoyed this CD several plays..(I have enough Clocks Lex!) but i'm a bit short on toilet paper-hey i have an idea i can print out your review and use that!!!
wayup (profilecontact) wrote on May 9, 2007report abuse
Somehow I am not surprised. Enjoy your CLAMBAKE CD, Lex. And hope Loesje will love her new clock.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on May 9, 2007report abuse
I love the may through july tour from 1975,i think we all know by now the way these shows went, some may think the shows wernt done straight forward enough but for me i cant get enough of them, Elvis in a great mood and sounding great as well, if your expecting anything other than that then skip it, in my oppion it beats some of those boring vegas shows, how i wished he would have stayed out of that town after 1970!
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on May 9, 2007report abuse
Great CD-bad review, as almost always. Sorry Lex.

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