A Little More "Quick Thinking" Please!

By RajivJun 30, 2002
While Elvis is high on the charts, how many have realized that it is without the help of a Music Video (apart from the Nike ad)? With the World Cup almost over, RCA and EPE have managed to shoot themselves in the foot so to speak. What a waste of a wonderful opportunity for cross promotion. Does anyone know how many soccer fans (not music fans) in UK/Spain/France or the other Countries who have lost will be interested in watching the Nike ad anymore ?or buying a Soccer( Football )related song ?? Could RCA have not put out a video featuring Football (Soccer) players if EPE refused them the rights to the Video Pics ? Or is it that RCA did not ask ? If I had anything to do with EPE I would have got on the line and TOLD RCA to put out a video > pronto......I do not buy the argument that there was not enough time, for them to plan it. It was in the can long enough, and they did it quite quickly to show their patriotism when the "America" single was released for charity. Forget the self satisfied smirks as they (RCA & CO) count the numbers (or money) on the bottom line...they lost a fantastic opportunity to really put Elvis in the International spotlight. I just read that Todd Morgan of EPE claiming that they were "just blown away" and "knocked out" when they first heard the re-mix......too bad the song could not "knock some sense into their heads". And to round off, I was at Three different Music shops this Saturday morning (in a major city in Europe) and not one of them had the Elvis single in stock...nor did they even know about the release apart from one shop who said it was "expected next eek" as for the charts in the shops Elvis was no where to be seen on the printed sheets stuck on the walls that kids seem to cluster around. And also not one on the various "listening stations" which had the other new singles featured prominently: So RCA and EPE ,I wish you would get your acts together and " A little less conversation... a little more action please ! But That's just my opinion.
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