A Little Less Conversation: Much Less Quality

By Lucien RavennestMay 20, 2002
A Little Less Conversation: Much Less Quality
When I see all people shouting about the great single that might bring Elvis his 31st number one hit, it turns my stomach. Regarding the huge amount of fans that, like I do, disliked the Guitar Man sessions from the early 80’s – because it was messing with Elvis’ music without any value added – it really surprises me that you see hardly anybody complaining about this so-called new Elvis-single. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with Elvis. It is just some computer-freak screwing one of the better Elvis songs from the later 60’s-movies. Okay, I have to admit that the first time I heard it on television, I thought it was a bit amusing. However, that was only lasting 30 seconds and the football-artists helped a lot with enjoying that clip. I can’t even listen to the full radio-edit (or whatever it is called), since it bores the shit out of me after a minute or so. Somehow I can imagine that much younger Elvis-fans (and I’m not that old) can enjoy this thing, since they grew up with this kind of garbage (I can’t even call it music), and must have some kind of resistance. I can hardly believe that everybody promoting this thing, even begging to buy it in shops whose sales are counted for the charts and not on-line, does actually like it. Are Elvis fans this insecure? Do they really need confirmation that they like an artist who is still popular? Well, I do not care at all, certainly since it is not Elvis doing it, but the commerce. I am happy with Elvis’ music in the way he made it (at least most of it), with the way he influenced my life… but I certainly do not need “recognition” by people that have a strange taste for what is noisy garbage. But that's just my opinion. And before I get useless questions: yes, I will buy the single, to keep my collection complete, but I will buy it at Amazon.co.uk.

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buyep01 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 2, 2005report abuse
Speak for yourself TINA S I am 28 yrs old and I love Elvis the way he done his music if you want to let Elvis rest talk to the world records staff for the most popular and highest selling solo artist in history. I would put any artist with Elvis toe to toe see who is more loved and Tina by the way the others your listening to right now nobody will know who they are. All you do is argue with members of this site are you an Elvis fan or not. The point is your not the only young fan we are trying to impress like I said I am 28yrs old been a fan for 20 yrs and think that the king got better as time went on his voice was the strongest in the 70's and that is where my favorite Elvis music comes from, with the exception of the obvious Blue christmas ect. Leave Elvis's music alone you take a rest if you need to but He will always be the king He must have done a good job on his music 28yrs after he died he is still hitting the charts. Long Live the King
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2005report abuse
Tina S: As an "older" fan who has been buying Elvis' music since before you were born I'm curious to know: When you heard the ALLC remix and that brought you, a younger fan, to Elvis did it also make you want learn more about all of his music? or was it just a "Hey, this is a cool thing" reaction. If it's the former, great! Elvis needs new fans to discover his music as he RECORDED it. If it's the latter, Go away! You're not interested in Elvis' MUSIC. You're just wowed by all the techno bells and whistles. If "moving on" means loading Elvis' music down with a lot of techno-babble then it's time to let Elvis rest!
Tina S (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2005report abuse
We need more remix's it will bring Elvis to a yonger fans like me most of his old fans are stuck in the 70's it time to move on or let Elvis rest

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