A Legendary Performer 1, 2 & 16

By ElvisNEws.com/ KeesAug 26, 2009

More and more import labels jump on the “Legendary Performer” series bandwagon. Volume 16 is just out and the first two volumes were re-issued once more.


You can see the difference between the labels. The Wolf Call label popped out volume 16 packed in a simple 2 pages “booklet”, in the same style as their previous releases in this series, while the producers of the first two volumes added a sixteen pages booklet; a reproduction of the original booklet. Unfortunately the did not look at the original back cover to complete the reproduction.


Volumes 1 & 2

When you do a re-issue of an album you could have the decency to follow the original tracklisting. But no the producers had to make their own compilation … why not release these volumes as #17 and 18 in this ongoing series?

There is no excuse to add “Dominique” to any compilation … but you have to be a real idiot to think you can fool fans with a “previously unreleased alternate mix” when you can clearly hear the “cut and paste” job. The only thing I can up with is that you expect the buyers of this CD to skip this sorry excuse of a song anyway. The same goes for the “Take 2 & spliced master from take 6 & insert take 6” of “Cane And High Starched Collar” which apparently was still unreleased on CD. Listening to the song we know why … damn what a piece of crap. I thought I was listening to the legendary performer Elvis Presley ... Even RCA had the decency to skip these recordings. 

For some songs it is clear to which version I’m listening as the info is taken for the original album, but this doesn’t go for all tracks which may lead us to the source for this release; could it be the same as the Wolf Call releases? They add home-made versions too.

Volume 16

Fast forward to volume 16. Where I had a slight idea what I was listening to on the re-issue of the first two volumes I’m lost on the versions on volume 16. “Alternate Mix”, “Remastered Mastertake”, “Long Version”, Remastered”, Remake” Alternate Master”, “Remixed Take”, “Remastered Take” and “Solo Take” are some of the descriptions of the “Fakes” on this disc. What can I add to this … ? Most of the music on this disc doesn't sound like it should and knowing that some amateur has been messing around with these on a home PC gives me a bad feeling. That's a pity as the compilation itself is o.k. for an occasional spin and I really enjoy listening to compilations with alternate versions as they add sound different from the usual rehashes from BMG.

The remastering isn't to too well either; it is way to loud.



Ciscoking, you don’t have to add your standard comment this tme, I’ll do it for you: these releases are

Tracklisting (for what it is worth ...)

  • A Legendary Performer Volume 1:

01 That’s All Right
1st Commercially Released Record On The Sun Label. (Recorded 1954)

02 I Love You Because
Takes 4 & 5 (Recorded July 5, 1954)

03 Stay Away Joe
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

04 Heartbreak Hotel
1st Recording For Rca. (Recorded January 10, 1956)

05 Don’t Be Cruel
Biggest Selling Single Record. (Recorded July 2, 1956)

06 Kiss Me Quick
Takes 8 & 9

07 I Really Don’t Want To Know
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

08 Memories
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

09 Love Me
From Second Sitdown Show 1968 (Original Version Was In
His 1st Gold Ep - Marked 1st Song From An Ep To Make Charts

10 Trying To Get To You
From Second Sitdown Show 1968

11 Love Me Tender
Title Song Of First Movie (Recorded August 24, 1956)

12 Peace In The Valley
From First Gospel Ep (Recorded January 13, 1957)

13 Datin’
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

14 A Fool Such As I
Released While He Was In The Army (Recorded June 10, 1958)

15 Tonight’s All Right For Love
Was Included In Foreign Versions Of "G.I. Blues" –
1st Movie After Army Discharge (Recorded April 27, 1960)

16 Everybody Come Aboard
Takes 3 & 4 (Announced As # 2 & 3)

17 Are You Lonesome To-Night?
From Second Sitdown Show 1968

18 Polk Salad Annie
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

19 Too Much Monkey Business
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

20 Can’t Help Falling In Love
From His Biggest Soundtrack "Blue Hawaii."
(Recorded March 23, 1961)

21 Joshua Fit The Battle
Newly Mixed Version Previously Unreleased

22 A Mess Of Blues
With New Intro Previously Unreleased

23 Elvis
Excerpt From Interview Of September 22, 1958

24 Elvis’ Farewell To His Fans
Excerpt From Interview Of September 22, 1958

  • A Legendary Performer Volume 2:

01 Harbor Lights
Recorded July 5, 1954

02 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Alternate Take 15

03 Blue Suede Shoes
From Second Sitdown Show 1968

04 Blue Christmas
Recorded September 5, 1957

05 Let Me
Solo Mix, Previously Unreleased

06 Jailhouse Rock
Title Song From His 3rd Movie (Recorded In Early 1957)

07 You Don’t Know Me
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

08 It’s Now Or Never
Based On "O Sole Mio". Included In 1st Post-Army Album.
Named "Single Of The Year" By Billboard.

09 Cane And A High Starched Collar
Take 2 & Spliced Master From Take 6 & Insert Take 6
Previously Unreleased On Cd

10 Blue Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii, January 14, 1973

11 Such A Night
Takes 2,3,4 & 5

12 It Won’t Be Long
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

13 For The Good Times
Strings Overdub Previously Unreleased

14 Baby What You Want Me To Do
From Second Sitdown Show 1968

15 How Great Thou Art
One Of His Best-Known Sacred Songs. Grammy Winning Album Released In 1967. (Recorded May 25, 1966)

16 If I Can Dream
Closing Song Of His 1st Tv Special In 1968 (Recorded In 1968)

17 I Love You Because
Complete Spliced Master (Takes 3 & 5) Including Spoken Part

18 Puppet On A String
Newly Mixed Previously Unreleased

19 Almost
Strings Version

20 Dominic
Alt. Mix Previously Unreleased

21 Pledging My Love
Alt. Master Mix Previously Unreleased

22 Interview
Elvis Interviewed By Dj Jay Thompson
Probably Recorded April 10, 1956

23 Presentation Of Awards To Elvis
Excerpt From Press Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii - March 25, 1961

  • A Legendary Performer, Volume 16
  1. That's The Way It Is - Radio Spot
  2. Promised Land - Alternate Mix
  3. Tjust A Little Bit - Remastered Mastertake
  4. It's Only Love - Long Version
  5. Let Us Pray - Alternate Master
  6. Never Ending - Remastered
  7. Let's Forget About The Stars -
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pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 2, 2009report abuse
well,i disagree with the negative comments as i own the import albums released by MADISON in 2005&2006:A LEGENDARY PERORMER 4,5,6,7 thses cd's were awsome and contained some rare and unreleased elvis music and the booklets were superb to look at...i do not have thses new version,but if thee like the 'madison import cd's then i would like to hear thses cd's too.
ps.i dont think madison actualy exist anymore?-didn't shut down recently??(a shame if they did.)
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2009report abuse
My advice here is stick to the Higher end of the import market and labels we know and love and leave well alone complilations such as these,there are a lot of excellent reviewers out there to guide you through the Good,the bad and the damm right awful??.....Ciscocking to name a few.Enjoyed the originals when they were released and this offers nothing new to warrant me spending my money on them.RIP ....LEGENDARY PERFORMER??
Matt W (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2009report abuse
The "A Legendary Performer" series ended in 1983 with the release of vol. 4. Only the first two volumes have seen any kind of official CD release. Everything else is trash, pure and simple.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 27, 2009report abuse
Well put.....my friend

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