A Collection Of Performances

Sep 25, 2003
A Collection Of Performances
Released by BMG Special Products, and available through Wall mart in the U.S. is the DVD “A Collection of performances”. Design The package is obviously put on the market for $6 to build up to the release of the “2nd To None” in October. Therefore the design is bound to be in the same style with just Elvis name (how many artist can work on a first name basis only?) in the dotted font and the title of this DVD. The animated menu of the DVD is neatly created and the gold perfectly matches our man. A minor is you always have to go through the menu to skip to a certain song. Content This DVD promotes the upcoming “2ND To None” CD and the (postponed) upgraded Aloha and Comeback Special DVD-releases. Also announced is the DVD release of the Elvis “Elvis Lives” television special. They picked songs from various television specials that will be released (in their single version) on the upcoming compilation. We get three songs from the Comeback Special “That’s All Right”; “Memories” and “If I Can Dream”, two songs from the Aloha special “Love me” and “An American Trilogy”. As a bonus the video of the 2002 smash remix “A Little Less Conversation”. We can be brief about the performances itself, we all know them, and they are all good. We only hope the quality of the sound and the image are not what we get with the new releases. Fortunately we got several reactions from fans that were able to see the previews of the new editions in Memphis last August during Elvis week, claiming that what they saw was of a much better quality. As for the photo gallery … well that’s a bold title for nine images. Conclusion As a teaser for a few bucks this teaser will probably do it’s work, but for the fans this is only a nice promo for the collection. Let’s call this a goodbye to the old material and start looking forward to the new upgraded versions in both content and quality. And to EPE and BMG we can only say, “give us what we want, we have been teased enough!” Thanks to Jordan Ritchie we were able to review this release.
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Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 16, 2005report abuse
Glenn, this is pretty-much a Wal-Mart only release in the US. New copies are still out there, as well as some used ones here and there. It's a good cheap sampler of Elvis circa '68 and from "Aloha" for the casual fan, although none of it is from the 2004 Deluxe versions, but it's still pretty striking stuff for $5.99. I've given copies away as gifts to casual fans.
Hard-core fans can safely skip this release. While some might want to own the "A Little Less Conversation" video from 2002 which is at the end (sadly Elvis is barely featured in it), most can safely skip it. The superior "Rubberneckin" remix video would have been a better choice, especially as this release was a promo for "2nd To None" - featuring only songs from that album save "ALLC."
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Where can I get this ? Can anybody tell me ? This is a real nice Promo. TCB.
Mark (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2003report abuse
This DVD is good to watch if it just for the Music Video of Elvis Vs JXL it would be a great a add to one's collection

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