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Angela Lansbury Passed Away

October 12, 2022 | People

Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury DBE died today five  days before her 97th birthday (16 October 1925 – 11 October 2022) was an Irish-Britis and American actress and singer who played many film, theatre, and television roles, including opposite Elvis Presley in the movie Blue Hawaii. Known more recently as starring in "Murder She Wrote" her career, one of the longest in the entertainment industry, spanned over 80 years, much of it in the United States; her work also received much international attention. Upon the death of Olivia de Havilland in July 2020, Lansbury became the earliest surviving Academy Award nominee and one of the last stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain
Gorse2 wrote on October 12, 2022
We as a family watched many many 'Murder She Wrote' episodes which I suppose must have given us countless hours of wholesome entertainment. She crossed fleetingly over Elvis's path as we know in BH and by all accounts did not count it as one of her more memorable experiences and so be it no probs to me. As a Brit with the passing of Queen Elizabeth and everything seemingly going bonkers this gives one, time again to reflect on more simpler times long gone or is it just my mistaken nostalgia.
Torments my heart wrote on October 13, 2022
Growing up Blue Hawaii seemed to be on every other rainy Sunday afternoon - I must have seen it twenty times before I was 12 - always loved it. I think Angela really enjoyed working with Elvis - this is what she had to say about him... (thanks to EIN for the quote) "I was awed by being in his presence but Elvis was an awfully nice young man in those days. He was just out of the army but was a wonderfully nice young man, a very caring person.Elvis was fit, he was slender and he was top of his form. And he couldn't have been nicer to me. We had a lovely time, it was a wonderful location. We were on Kauai in the Hawaiian islands. I'll never forget it, it was really wonderful. On the movie set we sat around and I filmed some wonderful scenes with Elvis and his movie father, Roland Winters. My character was great fun including her ridiculous reaction to her son who she didn't understand at all. Elvis loved it, he thought it was terribly funny. He was very sweet."