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Fanclub Magazines

September 04, 2022 | Other

Last week two fanclub magazines arrived. The one above, Flaming Star (#111) from Norway wastes quite some space on that terrible movie that came out this year. More interesting are the series on record releases, this time it's 1973 that gets the focus. Elvis rocks Little Rock handles the shows in 1956 and 1972. And there's an article ‘Elvis sings Bill Monroe’. As usual the articles are decorated with pictures in superb quality.


The German Elvis Presley Gesellshaft issued number 266 of Graceland. Besides the regulars like news and reviews there's a lot of space for Jailhouse Rock, with many great pictures.

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Brummie wrote on September 05, 2022
Why write on the website that the Flaming Star magazine wastes quite some space on that terrible movie? As an Elvis website why not use more a more neutral approach? We fans can make our own judgement on all Elvis matters. Some people do love the movie and it is a worldwide succes. And if you don't like it, all good. But please let the reader decide.
Gladyslove wrote on September 07, 2022
And again no posting about the gbe magazine. Ah, you didn´t get a free exemplar, right ?