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All The King's Records 2

August 09, 2022 | Book

Released below the radar in April 2022 is volume 2 in the Polish 'All The King's Records' discography series. This A-5 sized 500-page second volume by Mariusz Ogiegło covered the years 1966 - 1977. Volume 1, released October 2020, covered the years 1956 - 1966.

Synopsis: The second volume of 'All the King's Records', which was released on April 13, 2022, focuses on the years 1966 - 1977. 

This volume starts when Elvis Presley decided to compete for more ambitious material and for his career, which he nearly squandered by appearing in Hollywood films. 

The author takes you by the hand and behind-the-scenes of the making of the Grammy-winning album 'How Great Thou Art', to the set of the 1968 NBC TV Special and also to the auditoriums of the biggest concert halls in the United States in Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii and Memphis, where Elvis triumphed after he returned to live preforming in 1969. 

The story ends behind the walls of Graceland, in the room now known as the Jungle Room, where Presley made his last ever studio recordings.

As in the first part, each chapter is filled with the recollections of those involved in the making of each record.

Source:Elvis Day By Day