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Elvis’ Lost Jewellery Auction

August 05, 2022 | Other

A new discovery thought lost "the Lost Jewelry Collection of Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker" is up for auction this month. It includes over 40 pieces representing monumental moments throughout Elvis' entire career. The auction will also include over 25 pieces of other Elvis owned and / or jewelry plus over 120 other Elvis items. Auction is July 27 - Sat, August 27


  • Elvis 1973 Lincoln Continental "Last" Limousine, personally owned and driven by Elvis. The limo was purchased by Elvis in December, 1975 after he saw the vehicle in a movie. Min Bid:$60,000.00
  • Elvis Presley 68 Comeback Special Hagstrom V-2 Guitar- Min Bid:$750,000.00 
  • Elvis Presley's 9.81ctw Diamond "First" TCB Ring, Min Bid:$500,000.00
    Elvis experts and historians have long known about a collection of jewelry Elvis gave to his manager Col Parker.

Two hundred items, including gold rings encrusted with jewels, cufflinks, watches and chains, will go up for auction on Aug. 27. Also included is the guitar played by Presley during his famous “comeback” TV special of 1968. 
Priscilla worked with Kruse on the collection, although Priscilla does not own any of the pieces.
Priscilla said, “It brings back memories for sure”. She added that it was a running joke with her former husband that he constantly bought or commissioned jewelry for Parker because the manager already had everything he needed and the Presleys did not know what else to buy him.
Priscilla said she felt protective of the items because she designed some of them, including artifacts with the logo for TCB Band - “TCB” stood for “taking care of business,” a favorite expression of Presley’s.

Source:Elvis Information Network