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New Elvis Sci-Fi Novel

June 15, 2022 | Book

New Elvis Sci-Fi novel - '3 Days to Save A Legend' (Paul Farmer). 

While the Elvis fiction catalog is a rich one, Elvis sci-fi novels are rare. The premise of Paul Farmer's debut novel is its main protagonist going back in time hoping to change the course of history by preventing Elvis from dying in 1977. With neat doses of humor, surprising twists and turns, and its sci-fi basis, 3 Days to Save A Legend is a welcome inclusion to the massive Elvis book library. The Kindle edition is currently available (as is an eBook edition on Smashwords) with a softcover edition to follow shortly.

This is the book description..
How amazing would it be if we could still see the King alive today? Nick, an app developer, is accidentally zapped back to August 1977, 3 days before the tragic day that Elvis dies. If he’s going to achieve his overall objective of ‘’Saving a Legend’’ he will need to be successful with his initial goal of convincing The King of Rock and Roll that he will be dead in a few days. Join Nick on his emotional rollercoaster ride, struggling to put together all the pieces that will enable him to save the big man from that fateful death. Get ready for a couple of twists you didn’t see coming.

Source:Elvis Information Network