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Rest In Peace Ronnie

October 19, 2021 | People

Last Saturday, October 16 2021, Ronnie Tutt passed away at the age of 83. A very nice man and great drummer, who played for Elvis in the TCB Band from 1969 until Elvis' passing in 1977.  The musician also played for the likes of The Carpenters, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond (for more than 40 years!), Billy Joel, and Jerry Garcia. A cause of death is not known at this time.

A statement issued on the Elvis Presley Enterprises Instagram read: “All of us with Elvis Presley Enterprises were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Ronnie Tutt.
In addition to being a legendary drummer, he was a good friend to many of us here at Graceland.
We enjoyed each time he joined us here to celebrate Elvis Week, Elvis’ Birthday and many other special occasions. Ronnie was an amazing ambassador to Elvis’ legacy – sharing his memories of working with Elvis with fans – as well as bringing Elvis' music to arenas around the globe through later Elvis in Concert shows and performances.
Ronnie Tutt played drums for Elvis as part of the TCB Band from 1969 until 1977.
He was part of the band put together by James Burton for Elvis’ 1969 Las Vegas opening – and stayed with Elvis until his death in 1977. Ronnie later toured with Neil Diamond's band. He also recorded and performed with the likes of Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Elvis Costello, Stevie Nicks, Michael McDonald, among others.
Our hearts go out to Donna, his family, his fellow TCB Band members – and to his fans around the world. He will be deeply missed by all of us."


benny scott wrote on October 19, 2021
R.I.P. Ronnie. Feeling so sad. They leave us one by one, slowly but surely.
Way Down Under wrote on October 19, 2021
So sad. My favourite drummer period. Apart from Elvis himself, it was Ronnie's powerful and creative drumming that got me hooked onto Elvis' music especially from the later period. Yes even including the Elvis In Concert 1977 album. I was fortunate enough to see him in Melbourne in 'Elvis The Concert' in 1999, 2006 and during Mick Geraise's tribute show in 2003. To actually be there hearing the opening riff left me with the impression that he had not aged a bit since Elvis' live albums. In one word "thunderstruck"! But due to lack of opportunity, no autograph darn it ! His candid and honest interviews without any muck raking sure proved the character of the man as well as a mentor to many a drummer and musician who followed him. Thank you for such wonderful memories Ronnie Tutt and sincere prayers and condolences to Donna and his family and close friends during this sad time of loss.
Gorse2 wrote on October 19, 2021
Yes very sad as Ronnie represented such a key and continuous part of the Elvis band with his endless outstanding performances full of total energy. I am no expert but IMHO I don't see how the recordings could have been improved a jot with another drummer.
Deano1 wrote on October 20, 2021
I love on the outtakes of 'Three Corn Patches' (I think it is this one) where Ronnie gets a little carried away in the intro and Elvis says "Damn Ronnie!". Elvis wasn't quite right at the session and the song was far from a Leiber/Stoller masterpiece, but Ronnie always brought that infamous energy every time he played. RIP Ronnie and prayers to his family and friends.
Walter wrote on October 24, 2021
Truly a legendary drummer. He will be missed. My sincere condolences to the family.
Walter wrote on October 24, 2021
Truly a legendary drummer. He will be missed. My sincere condolences to the family. In memory of Mr Tutt I invite you all to play a drum solo
Walter wrote on October 27, 2021
I checked Neil Diamond's website, there's no mention of Ronnie Tutt's passing.