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Put The Blame On Our Host

October 19, 2021 | Other

It took a few days, but we’re back! Our hosting service had a major incident and the database servers were corrupted. Gladly they managed to recover everything, so we’ll forgive them the time it took. Back to Elvis!

benny scott wrote on October 19, 2021
Great !
Deano1 wrote on October 19, 2021
Welcome back! I had been checking twice a day to see if you were back up and running. Elvisnews is part of my daily routine.
Pachakuti! wrote on October 19, 2021
I was already all shook up and had a suspicious mind regarding to who or what caught Elvisnews in a trap. Now it seems they could walk out eventually - must've been a good luck charm?
Gorse2 wrote on October 19, 2021
Great to see you back. Thought it was just me for a while😊😊
Milky White Way wrote on October 20, 2021
I was getting withdrawals so great to have you back.