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The Airplanes And The King

October 06, 2021 | Book

Carlos Varrenti's book 'Los Aviones y El Rey', will be re-published December 2021 by The Elvis Files Team as 'The Airplanes and the King'. 
This new and upgraded edition comes in English and contains around 200 extra pages with a lot of unreleased material from Elvis Files' vaults.

Original description:

As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a big fan of Elvis Presley, I always wanted to write a book about the Airplanes and the King. Since my very first visit in Graceland, back in 2001, I've been extremely intrigued by Elvis' history with his own airplanes, and his link to aeronautics in general.

His impressive airplanes, exhibited at Graceland as testimonies his greatness, made me realize that there was a story to be told here. And boy, what a great story it was!

This is how for several years, every little detail, every short paragraph in a book, every short video, every photograph, every little note or information related to Elvis and his airplanes, was always marked and added to my personal archive. After a few years I had enough material to write the story behind The king and his planes, combining my two passions.

This book is written for fans of Elvis and people interested in planes and aironatics in general. Fans who want to know more about Elvis' bond with his airplanes, or in-depth details behind the hidden and enigmatic aeronautical facets of Elvis Presley. 

Source:Elvis Day By Day
Pachakuti! wrote on October 06, 2021
Do u spell aeronautics or aironatics, sweeties?
benny scott wrote on October 07, 2021
Pachakuti : Carlos Varrenti is from Argentina. The original edition of the book was printed in Spanish and translated by The Elvis Files Team. Of course it's "aeronautics", but English is not the native language of Erik Lorentzen either. No need to nitpick honey. LOL !
PageBoy wrote on October 07, 2021
A must-have.
Pachakuti! wrote on October 08, 2021
@Benny Scott it's constructive criticism to an article that's properly written - the English used is just fine and I wouldn't have guessed da ppl mentioned aren't native speakers. It's not my native language either btw. So I don't follow you more or less accuse me of lingual racism..
PageBoy wrote on October 08, 2021
This is yet another desperate attempt to plunder the lucrative Presley fan base. Whatever next: 'Horses and The King'; 'Hotels and The King'; 'Ridiculous Book Titles and The King'? Please let's not allow a fiasco such as this to be a catalyst for falling out with one another.
benny scott wrote on October 08, 2021
Pachakuti! : don't be so quick to take offence. My "honey" was meant as a playful answer in the same style as your "sweeties". Do you consider my explanation (with emphasis on "explanation ") "Carlos Varrenti is from Argentina. The original edition etc...." as "more or less accusing you of lingual RACISM ???!!! You consider your remark as a "constructive criticism". Ok, no problem, but i'm afraid you'll have to use this "constructive criticism" many, many times in your further life everytime you see a wrong written word in an article. Nevertheless, have a nice weekend (and I mean it !)
Gladyslove wrote on October 09, 2021
benny scott and pachakuti ! Just enjoy what we will get soon from ftd, the complete pot luck sessions on 5 cds and a double lp raised on rock, also a double cd set with two concerts from april and mai 75. Lingual racism !? Come on.
benny scott wrote on October 09, 2021
Gladyslove, I'll buy the double Cd with the 2 concerts, that's for sure. As for the Pot Luck sessions : I already own the original album on vinyl and CD, also the 1997 reissue with the bonustracks and the 2007 FTD release which has a total of 61 tracks. I'll just wait for the tracklist of the forthcoming 5-CD set to find out if the purchase is worthwhile. Same goes for the double vinyl Lp. Best regards.
Gladyslove wrote on October 09, 2021
benny, nothing against you itshould be all about Elvis. No political or private fighting against each other. You know that I am sure. And the list from the 5 cds set can be found on other sites or you have to wait for the mods.