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Elvis Hilton Dinner Show 5th Feb 1973

August 02, 2021 | Music

Import CD & Vinyl: From UK's Townsend Music label the 'Elvis Vegas Hilton Dinner Show, 5th February 1973'.

The publicity notes.: 

resh from the triumph of his historic Aloha From Hawaii TV special, Elvis launched into another sold-out season at the Las Vegas Hilton, singing to sold-out audiences of 2000 a time. Although he had recently filed for divorce and was allegedly battling throat troubles, as well as taking a good number of prescription meds, he put on a typically slick and entertaining show, as captured on the broadcast recording presented here.
- An incredible performance live from Las Vegas, Nevada
- Includes the entire PBS-TV broadcast
-  Presented with background notes and images.
On CD and White Vinyl.


Source:Elvis Information Network
Gladyslove wrote on August 02, 2021
This is the Fort Baxter cd " It´s a matter of time. " Or the other show from the same day ? By the way: on the cover is Elvis from 1970 and that´s on a 1973 release. What a frog !
Psilopechtris wrote on August 02, 2021
I'd be curious to see the track listing. Most likely from February 2 or 3.
Psilopechtris wrote on August 02, 2021
Elvis on PBS, that's a first!
benny scott wrote on August 02, 2021
Fort Baxter's CD was wrongly dated 5th Feb '73. Townsend Music is making the same mistake here or... are they coming up with a completely unreleased concert ??? No way, I'm sure. Anyway, what about the "entire PBS-TV broadcast" ?? TV broadcast ?? Somebody ...?
PageBoy wrote on August 03, 2021
Can anybody shed light on the article's allusions to "the broadcast recording presented here" and "the entire PBS-TV broadcast"?
Gladyslove wrote on August 03, 2021
PBS tv broadcast !? This is a joke there never was any tv broadcast with this show. This is only to make this release looks like it is legal. Nothing else.
jaques marcello wrote on August 03, 2021
I have a fort baxter cd, but I'm not interested in this release. I'm awaiting the release of The Dream Project LP. I heard the version of you've lost that lovin feelin on YT and I really liked it.