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June 14, 2021 | Music

FTD 'On Tour' Deluxe Release Confirmed: As many fans have suspected, FTD have now confirmed that they will be releasing a special 'On Tour' deluxe release to celebrate the film's 50th Anniversary.
For fans of the 'TTWII deluxe set' that was released last year, this is GREAT news.
A "big" FTD production for September / October 2021 is also noted.

FTD author David English posted.
... "In response to many questions I have received, I can confirm that both Pål Granlund and myself are busy working on an FTD 'On Tour' project for the 50th Anniversary of the movie, with a tentative release date - August / September 2022 (Audio elements will be included though not finalised).

If any collectors own any materials/ photos/ documents in relation to the movie, Elvis On Tour, then please get in contact with me at david_memphis@hotmail.com

In addition, we are putting the final elements together for a big 2021 September / October release - more details to follow.
With thanks - David"

Source:Elvis Information Network
Walter wrote on June 14, 2021
Let me guess: More massive books?
Gladyslove wrote on June 14, 2021
Lorentzen also brings a 3 book set this year. And he tries to release unreleased On tour video material. Fingers crossed that this will happen.
Walter wrote on June 14, 2021
Here's my prediction: - A Bluray / DVD of the original film - All of the shows OR all of the rehearsals recorded for the documentary. And of course a couple of massive books to go with the set to replace all of the unreleased film. FTD's strategy is simple: ''Listen to the cd and look at the pictures in the book. It should feel like you are watching a film''
Gladyslove wrote on June 14, 2021
Ftd didn´t release one single dvd in 22 years. So why now ?
Walter wrote on June 14, 2021
In my case it's only a prediction. But reading your previous comment I can ask you the same question. Why now?
Stefan74 wrote on June 14, 2021
I still hope for DVD releases but I don't really believe that there will be one. I would be happy with the rehearsals and the concerts in perfect sound. But parts of it all on DVD would be so great.
Stefan74 wrote on June 14, 2021
What about the big september release this year? The mebtioned Blue Hawaii book?
Walter wrote on June 14, 2021
Here's one of my older posts: Psilopechtris wrote on January 11, 2021 Yes, TTWII is pretty much milked-out, now it's time to milk out Elvis On Tour (meaning 2022 is the 50th anniversary). I can't wait to start counting the books the re-releases etc...!
wildfishie wrote on June 14, 2021
I'd rather Sony would take care of this project, like they did with the "Live 1969" box. Coming from FTD, I am almost sure I won't be able to afford it. The outrageously expensive TTWII rehearsal box is a perfect example. Wouldn't they make more money by selling more copies of an affordable thing?
Gladyslove wrote on June 15, 2021
I heard someone say that the fan base is not big enough to release some On tour stuff on dvd. So why did they release The lost performances on video in the 90s when they didn´t sell enough but this video sold a lot and as far as I know is on of the best selling videos in the uk.
Walter wrote on June 15, 2021
Wildfishie: Maybe Sony / MGM will do something. In the mean time it looks like a similar project like TTWII. Apparently TTWII proved to be a winning formula! I did not purchase TTWII and will not purchase EOT if it’s in the same format Gladyslove: The big difference back then is that we did not have people specializing in books with pictures taken from film and claiming that they are ‘’unseen’’
Gladyslove wrote on June 15, 2021
Psilopechtris, if that is the reason I just can´t believe it. Just because they release photos from the docu is the reason they couldn´t release a dvd !? Sounds strange to me. If they could release " Let it be " this year by the Beatles why couldn´t there a release of this docu after 50 years ? Or is the market bigger for Beatles releases than for Elvis !?
Walter wrote on June 15, 2021
Gladyslove: Apparently, this formula seems to be working for Elvis (unfortunately). Other artists from the same era (Sinatra, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, etc,) are releasing video but with Elvis there's a problem of paying out royalties (so they say)! I was surfing the net and I found this: ''Erik Lorentzen ─ in collaboration with Jerry Luckenbach (Elvis Summer Festival TTWIwas Vol.1-2-3 / 4-5) has been able to get his hands on more than 1000 unseen and unpublished photos from the 1972 April, June and November tours.'' Where and how do these people get there hands on film to be able to publish pictures? And with who's authorisation? It seems that we are asking ourselves the same questions each time there's a 'big project' on the works! Btw I'm looking forward to the 50th of Aloha!!! (ironic)
mikael69 wrote on June 15, 2021
There are those who invested in the amiga, will pay for lorentzen, get the tunzi, the ftd and even the MRS ; but there are those who will wait for the MRS only and there are those who will stick to the old madison releases (plus some free downloads). There will be a lot a promotion and recos to get each and all of them. Something for everybody. Set your budget and go for what pleases you.
benny scott wrote on June 15, 2021
mikael69 : that's a wise reaction ! I second that.
Walter wrote on June 15, 2021
mikael69: I agree. I have the Madison releases plus the Vicky releases... But it should not be an excuse to deprive Elvis fans from what they deserve: A decent official release with video and audio that is actually worth collecting. Not some worthless, massive books where they will finish in a bookshelf compiling dust! It's just my opinion and I do not impose my opinion to anyone.
Gladyslove wrote on June 15, 2021
Moaning and moaning and moaning is all we can do. It is realy a shame that we won´t get any unreleased video material in the next future or ever. I doubt that Lorentzen get the okay to release unreleased video with his books. And ftd ? I doubt there too. It´s a sad sad story.
Stefan74 wrote on June 15, 2021
I think that's true. I still hope but I don't really believe that we will ever get video material as near as possible. The reason for this is not clear to me but I think we will have to take the books or nothing.
PageBoy wrote on June 15, 2021
Throughout 1972 Elvis was in the early stages of crisis following his split from Priscilla. He did have some fun for the cameras in EOT but he looks overweight and alone - there's a 'backseat of a car' scene in which he's jokey with his gang one moment but in a second is captured looking out of the car window seemingly in his own universe. The music is subjective - I don't like Elvis's countrified '70's set list ('Never Been To Spain'? No no no) nor his showbizzy live arrangements of '50's classics, such as horns and choirs on 'Trying To Get To You' and 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy'. I'd rather FTD or Sony Legacy put resources into a definitive audio release of the '68 Special - the existing boxed-sets have major flaws. A refurbishment of the audio of his '50's tv performances would be welcome too - MRS's masters are way better than those used for the' Golden Celebration' collection.
Sirbalkan wrote on June 17, 2021
AGAIN they're doing the same mistake. If you really care for Elvis and his continuation, only a general public release can work on this aim. Pricing at such a huge amount and make it limited, will NEVER work on Elvis's advertorial. Z generation is more interested in digital BUT STILL when Elvis is the care they read books and wanna touch anything related with him. FTD work is always expensive and very limited. You won't see this release's good reviews on amazon. You won't see young fans taking videos of it or showing to his friends. TTWII was limited. And this will be a NO SUCCESS at all. But ofcourse if you say "
Walter wrote on June 17, 2021
Sirbalkan: That’s where the Jorgensens, The Lorentzes, The Grunlunds, The Englishes, The Tunzis etc, come in. These people are basically dinosaurs. They are still working with books and cds. Probably will take another 50 years to upgrade to DVD and another 50 to bluray. Mind you we got a taste of what a bluray is from Sony with regards to the 68 comeback special edition. The DVD edition was far superior in sound and in picture than the bluray.
Brummie wrote on June 17, 2021
I think we must face the facts, the real Elvis collector is a dying breed. Nowadays and in the future (young) kids of today, won't collect so much Elvis stuff anymore. Also we are blessed with FTD, MRS etc. that they still bring out new products for us. There is no huge buying market anymore for selling Elvis material to the public. Only the diehard fans and collectors are interested in the upcoming On Tour material. And I'm really looking forward for these upcoming releases! There's a lot of complaining on this forum about FTD releases, sometimes you may me critical, ofcourse, but often I think some of us here are just spoiled. Everybody wants the Elvis legacy stay alive forever, and it will for sure, but in the future on a smaller scale I think. So count your blessings, enjoy the released products or just don't buy them and enjoy the things you do have in your Elvis collection!
Walter wrote on June 17, 2021
By the way, just to follow-up on my previous post, it took them a looong time to figure out that there is more than 60 minutes of available space on a cd (79 minutes)! It's always a matter of value for your money! Of course if someone does not care about money and purchases material with his or her eyes closed, by all means, go right ahead!
Gladyslove wrote on June 17, 2021
Eat it or beat it ! What a frog !
Walter wrote on June 21, 2021
Gladyslove: Oh, I see!
schemies wrote on June 21, 2021
Hi, I would assume to get the 4 concerts as one box on the main label, standard price, and every kind of rehearsals etc. on FTD. I expect no new video content at all, sadly! Maybe we could get the movie with the original intro (JBG) on Blu-ray, but again I expect no better, re-edited version of the EOT movie as we had of TTWII 20 years ago. Actually a shame.
Walter wrote on June 23, 2021
The people at Sony / FTD / MGM should see The Beatles: Get Back. They might actually learn something! Here's the link for a sneak peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UocEGvQ10OE
benny scott wrote on June 23, 2021
Psilopechtris : I looked at the sneak peek "The Beatles : Get back". The guy is talking about 56 hours, I repeat : 56 hours !!! of unseen and unreleased footage of the Fab Four. Question is : what's left in the vaults of our man, especially of the EOT. Is there enough to release a decent DVD with really interesting images ? Just asking myself. Keep my fingers crossed for a little miracle !
Walter wrote on June 24, 2021
benny scott: The clip is only a promo. The person in the beginning is not part of the film. The clip is a rehearsal from the same era just like TTWII. This is the reason why I've included the link in my previous post. To answer your question: Yes, there is material for a DVD / BluRay. In the HBO documentary The Searcher there is a clip from the OnTour rehearsals which was remastered. Both, TTWII and EOT where shot by MGM so there is a lot of material remaining in the vaults. Probably to be released for the 100th anniversary!
Sirbalkan wrote on November 06, 2021
Why FTD? Why not a general public release if On Tour had been a public release before as a movie? Close Up sold well, On Tour DVD sold well despite it's quality ( I still believe it could be good as Aloha release) , so why insist on multi expensive products just for collectors? Younger generation do not know FTD and can not afford it. Even elders can not afford these prices anymore.