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Elvis On Tour 1972-2022

May 29, 2021 | Book

Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) announced a 3 book set of 1200+ pages, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elvis On Tour. In collaboration with Jerry Luckenbach a.o. Erik presents hundreds of unseen pictures, extensive information on shows and sessions. More information soon!


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Gladyslove wrote on May 29, 2021
Yes ! A must have like the other ones from Mr. Lorentzen. See, Mr. Tunzi how a book should be !
Stefan74 wrote on May 29, 2021
I am a great fan of those books too but I think and hope there will be a FTD release like Viva Las Vegas and That's The Way It Is with books and CDs. So I am happy to see this adf but I think we will pay twice again.
Gladyslove wrote on May 29, 2021
Stefan74, that is what I thought. It happened with the ttwii material so ...
Stefan74 wrote on May 29, 2021
Hi Gladyslove I am hoping for a DVD set with all four shows but I don't think this will happen. As I am wondering why there is no complete 50's TV set available. Only clips and parts but no complete set. On tour would deserve that like so many other items like In concert 77. There must be a recording like spribg tours from FTD in stereo. And the concerts complete in best quality with real good sound would be a much better watching than anything else. But lets wait for the on tour books first.
Gladyslove wrote on May 29, 2021
Sadly there won´t be a blu ray box set of eot, there wasn´t even a box set for ttwii last year and it has been 50 years. There are only these two docus left for the public the rest has been and will be released on ftd. And Elvis in concert ? No way, they won´t even release it, before that the hell freezes.
Stefan74 wrote on May 29, 2021
It's sad but I think you're right.
Martin DJ wrote on May 30, 2021
Elvis on Tour was shot on film. Film camera's had to change a roll of film every twelve minutes or so. That means it's highly unlikely complete performances were shot.
benny scott wrote on May 30, 2021
Martin DJ : good remark, good thinking !
Stefan74 wrote on May 30, 2021
I know but I would be satisfied with a little more of the mock session, the rehearsals and one complete concert edited from clips of all four shows and that would be possible. I am still hoping but I'm afraid there could be a release of outtakes like it has happened with TTWII in a quality that is too bad to watch.
Psilopechtris wrote on June 14, 2021
These people specialize in books with pictures taken from 8mm film. Much cheaper for them with a higher profit!
Psilopechtris wrote on June 14, 2021
Here's one of my older posts: Psilopechtris wrote on January 11, 2021 Yes, TTWII is pretty much milked-out, now it's time to milk out Elvis On Tour (meaning 2022 is the 50th anniversary). I can't wait to start counting the books the re-releases etc...!
Psilopechtris wrote on June 15, 2021
Mr Lorentzen: Erik Lorentzen ─ in collaboration with Jerry Luckenbach (Elvis Summer Festival TTWIwas Vol.1-2-3 / 4-5) has been able to get his hands on more than 1000 unseen and unpublished photos from the 1972 April, June and November tours. Who are these people? And who gives them permission to work on projects such as this?