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Sold Out 2

March 05, 2021 | Video

Pyramid strikes again! The first release rocked the Elvis world, in ways that were a surprise even to us. Remarkable 8mm footage, restored with care, truly bringing into focus again what a sensational and charismatic performer Elvis really was, even in his final years. It was a surprise to many to see such spectacular footage from concerts that were presumed lost to time. Fans contacted us saying how moved they were seeing so much new footage of Elvis on stage, showing his unique interaction with his audiences, his band, being playful, laughing… As one fan wrote: “It’s almost like you brought him back!”.

Now Volume 2 is out, with even more surprises. Almost three hours of Elvis in his prime in Las Vegas from 1970 to 1973, all presented as it was originally recorded. The Rex Martin footage and more. Carefully restored using the latest technology, but without compromising the integrity of the original footage. We also used a few silent clips this time. 

Join us for a unique journey back in time, celebrating Elvis’ artistic rebirth in Las Vegas. People filming at concerts was still in its infancy, and of course there was always the risk of getting caught, and much of the film presented here reflect those realities. But this footage also captures a special moment in time when Elvis was on top of his game, and singing with real fire in his belly. He was clearly excited about performing live again, and his live shows were dynamic and focused. 

Decent footage from the early engagements is rarer than a hen’s teeth, so this is a real treat. A lot of effort was made to present this footage in the best way possible. This is another quality release from fans, for fans. No doubt this title will sell out fast, just like Volume One did, so order your copy today. And the good news is, Volume 3 is almost ready, with some truly spectacular close-up footage from the concert years. You’re in for a surprise, so stay tuned!

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Milky White Way wrote on March 06, 2021
Does anyone know what the quality is like?
Gladyslove wrote on March 07, 2021
I´ve heard of a few folks who bought this material for thousands euros and now it will be released as dvds in a series of several volumes. So they ae angry about that sutuation but I don´t have mercy it´s there fault not mine.
Larry_G wrote on March 08, 2021
Gladyslove - yes I head the same. But the chap who bought it, never released it, so not sure what he intended to do, just keep it to himself?. Now someone has got hold of the material and is making money that he could of made, he is griping away. He says he has it in better quality but is releasing it on the tube site in lower quality to try and make sure no one buys it from the DVD producers. So wait a little while, and you will be able to download it from tube. I bought the first one not knowing the history, it was poor quality and just clips of songs mainly. Won't be buying vol 2.
Gladyslove wrote on March 08, 2021
My dealer says it sells like wild fire and I also heard that from others. Again someone contacted me and told me that he payed a lot of money for that material and now they release it. He is very angry about that.
Gorse2 wrote on March 10, 2021
The You Tube channel that has caused the furore 'Steve Stevens' has been closed down ending with some vile comments calling him out as the villain and thief on the last few videos. Steve Stevens gave Elvis shows using his films, as documented on another video, apparently 60 hours being available , to small select groups. Depending on who you believe Steve released the films on Sold Out to stop the thieves releasing his material. A real mess but personally I now have for starters, Omaha films of July 1 1974, (my second ever purchase way back when) and a personal favourite, in the best quality I have ever seen.
Gladyslove wrote on March 10, 2021
Lord, have mercy ! I can´t believe what is happening here with this material. And 60 hours are now in a few people´s hand !? I heard from about 20 who payed a lot of money for this 8 mm films. Only to get this material months before the others. What a frog !
Gladyslove wrote on March 18, 2021
It´s not welcome in the Elvis world and their forums to talk about these releases. The guy who put the videos on youtube had to stop posting them their, even someone wishes him the death and other things happend and happening cause of these material. Weird !
Gladyslove wrote on March 26, 2021
... and Vol. 3 will be out soon.