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King Creole And More

January 18, 2021 | Music

The Good Music label released the CD 'Elvis King Creole and More', featuring newly created stereo versions of original mono releases, created using the Digitally Extracted Stereo (DES) technology. In addition to the 11 songs from 'King Creole', this CD contains 9 bonus tracks.
From the press release: Elvis always thought that the movie 'King Creole' was his best movie performance, and many critics agree! But in 1958, the songs for the film were recorded only in mono. With the release of the new CD 'Elvis King Creole and More', engineers have used new, state-of-the-art audio technology to transform these monaural recordings into lifelike stereo for the first time!

Lex wrote on January 18, 2021
Why o why?
benny scott wrote on January 18, 2021
As far as i'm concerned : recordings originally in mono : OK , recordings originally in stereo : OK, but this fooling around with sound : no thanks ! But....to each his own ! Those who like such releases : enjoy !
TheMemphisFan wrote on January 19, 2021
Might actually be worth hearing.