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Sold Out!

December 18, 2020 | Video

The Pyramid import label announced the release of the 2-DVD set 'Sold Out! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection volume 1' which should be available late December 2020. 

From the press release: 

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to experience amazing shows like the two Nassau Coliseum concerts on July 19th, 1975? Or even controversial shows like College Park ’74? Good news for all fans of rare Elvis footage, because we have just obtained the complete Rex Martin 8-mm footage collection, and plan to release it all over the next months. Much of this footage is superb quality, with amazing action clips and fantastic close-ups. This is as close as it gets to experiencing the man in concert!

Our first release is 'Sold Out! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection volume 1', a 2-DVD-set that contains three hours of rare 8mm footage, most of it never released before. All from the original tapes, raw and unedited, everything just as it was originally recorded. We decided to release this footage as is, without any editing, for historical purposes.
There are many amazing, lovely, cool, funny and great moments on this release: Elvis using his guitar like a bayonet during ‘C.C. Rider’ in Uniondale ‘75, singing a rare ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll’ during the rock medley in ‘73, and much, much more. This is the real Elvis, captured live during tours from ’70 to ’76.

Pleases support this release and we will finally open the floodgates for rare and amazing footage. This is a release from fans to fans. 
We could have included an expensive book to make more money, but we just wanted to make this material available in the most affordable way possible. Hence this 2-DVD-set that’s absolutely filled with rare 8mm footage.

Gladyslove wrote on December 18, 2020
I am so excited about this release uh I can´t stand !
Gorse wrote on December 19, 2020
I think this means, one bit of film lasting for several seconds or a minute or two followed by another with no link ups. This involves no synchronisation of his voice, if it exists, to the film unlike a Star production which demands tremendous effort, even if the suits do change in the completion of a song.
Larry_G wrote on December 19, 2020
I'm hoping Gorse is wrong on what he thinks this will be, but I fear he may be right. Like Gorse I admire the STAR video productions and the lipsync efforts they make, I play the STAR DVD's more than anything nowadays (not so keen on the CMT stuff though, but I have a few). I'll buy this and put it with some other duff DVD's I have, because you never know, it may be good. Worth a punt, maybe...
Gladyslove wrote on December 27, 2020
7 years ago Rex died and at this time nearly all of his filmed material has been stolen. Remember ?