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The Wonder Of You

October 19, 2020 | Music

The album should have been called 'The Miracle Of You (Tasteless Buyers)', since the album got certified 'double platinum' by the British Phonographic Industry.


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Gorse wrote on October 19, 2020
I was really hoping to see another one in the series called 'How I Managed to Give Lex The Blues Again'😊
marty wrote on October 19, 2020
The first two RFO releases were very successful in the UK. The success has sparked the release of numerous similar albums from the likes of Roy Orbison, Beach Boys, Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin etc. There's even a Johnny Cash with RFO coming up soon, which sounds like a strange combination. Elvis was the most successful with two No 1's. The first one was even competing with Adele for the top spot at some point. It's down to personal taste whether someone likes it or not but there is no denying their success.
Gladyslove wrote on October 19, 2020
This CD will never find a way in my collection. Never.
Sirbalkan wrote on October 20, 2020
Saying "Being Tasteless" is a little bit absurd. For some, Elvis is tasteless for singing the songs like Old Mcdonalds, There's No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car or Confidence. And the album you call it tasteless, brings more success than some of his ORIGINAL albums.
joemin wrote on October 21, 2020
when this album was first proposed by Todd slaughter about 15 years ago I was against it. However, now that I have it I find it great company when on a long drive. Now waiting to see how From Elvis in Nashville performs......
Torments my heart wrote on October 22, 2020
Not all songs are successful, but the version of 'I've got a thing about you baby' on version 2 of this series is infinitely better than the original. Elvis is clearer, the backing punchier, and it leaves the original for dead.
Gladyslove wrote on October 22, 2020
Johansson, hang loose. When you like that kind of music it´s okay for me. But also it´s my right to don´t like it. I am not gonna say hallelujah and super and even amen to every release they, sony, put out.
Steve V wrote on October 22, 2020
I dont like it at all and I didnt buy it, Glad it did well in the UK (not so much here in the US), but here is the problem for me. Ive been told that when you now download a certain Elvis title from some streaming device, you may get the RPO version instead of the original and this to me is just wrong. This was not the version Elvis released. These albums have also given birth to other artists music being released with the RPO so now its just a gimmick over shadowing the original music . I mean Johnny Cash? Cmon!
Gorse wrote on October 22, 2020
I have posted many reasons here why I like Elvis remixes (RPO and Too Much Monkey Business) so will not repeat them. What I have previously asked is what should be released/constructed to keep everyone happy here on this forum, and perhaps garner new core fans. It will not be easy as a recent daily newspaper article in the UK stated that only 31% of youngsters questioned knew who John Lennon was, while my neighbours in their 50’s, who play a lot of music did not recognise ‘Eleanor Rigby’ when played, being by The Beatles, while their son and daughter knew nothing musically about them. Seems unbelievable to me but the musical awakening of the parents would have possibly been MJ, bless his doubtful heart !!, so it is inevitable what will happen in a few years to both The Beatles and Elvis, unless hence my question, they are packaged correctly, even for a brief time to keep them in the public eye. Elvis who passed on physically and musically so many years ago has with his ‘musical management’ the very difficult task to compete for an audience, currently absorbed in various musical genre like Rap, K Pop, Dance, and Metal, and seemingly in many cases think he was a racist and stole black music.
marty wrote on October 24, 2020
It is inevitable that Elvis's relevance diminishes with time. Younger people not only listen to other types of music but the way they consume music is evolving and few of them collect cd's or vinyl. Even music charts are less popular nowadays and youtube, spotify etc. have become one measure of success. The RPO albums have been successful but I think only among those who remembered and liked the originals. The producers obviously did not care for his legacy as much, they were trying to sell albums and they succeeded. A Little Less Conversation remix did a lot more to bring Elvis to a new (young) audience.
Lex wrote on October 24, 2020
That's the nice thing of having your own site.. you can write anything you want. Well, at least we have some discussion again. By the way I don't love you less for being tasteless ;-) and I totally agree with Steve, it's impossible for me to play Elvis randomly on Spotify, because of this stuff. It should be filtered from the originals.
LeeRusz wrote on October 24, 2020
Lex, what’s happened to the Facebook posts/comments that were posted on here? One of which was mine?
Gorse wrote on October 24, 2020
It is interesting that marty mentions YouTube as there is a young Norwegian girl causing a sensation on there called Angelina Jordan, now aged 14, who uncannily covers many artists like Billy Holliday, Adele, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston amongst others and also our Elvis all in English. One of her most startling is I Put a Spell on You when she was 9 years of age but she keeps the Elvis flag flying with enchanting ‘sensitive’ versions of Love Me Tender, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Welcome To My World, Are You Lonesome Tonight and It’s Now or Never. She is so revered by vocal coaches etc.and heralded as a certain global sensation that this sort of action on YouTube can only be good for Elvis as it often gets people interested in the original artist, and possibly and I say 'only possibly' bring in fans of the other artists.
JerryNodak wrote on October 25, 2020
I have no time to waste on listening to the Elvis/RPO releases.
Gorse wrote on October 25, 2020
So JerryNodak, do you like RPO releases or not, as it is always so difficult to understand your opinion 😊
JerryNodak wrote on October 25, 2020
Gorse: NO.
Brummie wrote on October 26, 2020
I prefer the original recordings, but I love these RPO releases too. The sound is great, en brings Elvis to new audiences around the world and keeps the legency alive. Personally Tasteless Buyers, is a tasteless comment I think.
joemin wrote on October 28, 2020
As an add-on to my last comment, just heard another Elvis song being used in advertisement for Arnold Swartzenagger films on Film 4. "I'll be back".
Jeoliverm wrote on October 28, 2020
Absolutely agree. I don't mind at all about its success. At least these RPO releases should have been made with two discs: one with these (disgusting) mixes and the other one with the original masters released while Elvis was still alive. That way the record company and the EPE would have promoted the Elvis artistry to the newcomers.