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Magazine Sunday

September 06, 2020 | Other

Last week two magazines arrived at the headquarters.

The Man And His Music

Elvis - The Man And His Music

From the UK is the well known EMM/TMAHM. It's the 129th editon that is brand new. My personal highlights where Luther Moore's article on the (rumours of) Elvis' meeting with the Golden Gate Quartet in 1960. Gordon Minto's contribution 'Young Dreams' is a good read (as ever) where he wonders when the dream turned into a nightmare. Tony DeCaprio (guitarist in Joe Guercio's orchestra) is interviewed and all regulars are present too. In other words, a few more hours reading pleasure from Now Dig This Ltd.

My Happiness

Elvis My Happiness

From France arrived #113 of My Happiness has a very nice view on the upcoming From Elvis In Nashville, with a listing of all the original recordings, including record sleeves. There's an article on the September 1970 tour. John Rostill, Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice (and Olivia Newton-John) get the focus in the songwriter series. All regular items in this french magazine are present too: news, reviews and of course 'today in France'.

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