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Hits From His Movies

August 27, 2020 | Music

We didn't hear quite a while from the Miracle Surface label, but here they are again with "Hits From His Movies", probably needing a quick buck.

Cruiser621 wrote on August 27, 2020
Talk about a "Fast Buck" scam... this is it! What a selection... Not! Why do you folks even bring this garbage to light?
japio wrote on August 27, 2020
Ive hard some samples.For The first time Mama and follow that dream in true stereo.And britches in beter stereo then ever.Ok not all the best songs.But sound is great Some stereo versions.Not real bad.But call them scam it says more about your iq.But i like this more then all ripoff cds from STAR an CMT.Again what ive heard from samples .Sound good. two lost stereo songs
FM wrote on August 27, 2020
Anyone know where to buy this from?
Psilopechtris wrote on August 27, 2020
Britches is my favourite!!! (only kidding) Just when you think it cannot get worse.
Gladyslove wrote on August 27, 2020
Britches was surely a hit. Definitive. ( Watch out: Ironic ! )
Milky White Way wrote on August 27, 2020
They didn't even proof read their promo, "The lady love(s) me" AND "Follow tha(t) dream." Oh dear, never mind there's always volume 2 with Datin and Old McDonald club mix versions!
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 28, 2020
"Hits From His Movies"??!! ... sure... Black Star, Britches, Mama, Plantation Rock, I'm A Roustabout... such BIG Hits!
Psilopechtris wrote on August 28, 2020
I wonder if this is a Mono or Stereo release! Better yet, I am hoping that it's quadraphonic.🤣
japio wrote on August 29, 2020
Just arived and can say All is stereo. Very good sound.Yes now also Follow that dream and mama in stereo. . Crawafish is the film opener from king Creole. Black star sound different. Britches plays now. Not the best song but my guess included because the different in mix. On all previous releases. This time in a better stereo mix then before. The sleeve is nic as a gatefold. And in blue vinyl. Maybe not his best songs. But the sound is good and all in true STEREO
RobIreland wrote on August 30, 2020
Alot of people lke the movie songs, myself included.So these releases should not automatically be treated with such anomosity every time. Would liked to have seen the the track listing to this. japio thank you for a more levelled review rather than an automatic put down with no information about the release.
RobIreland wrote on August 30, 2020
Oh, I see the track listing is there..my apologies. Not a lot of tracks!
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 31, 2020
I'm so disappointed that "Golden Coins" and "Chesay" weren't included!
Gladyslove wrote on August 31, 2020
If " Old MacDonalds " would be included I would surely buy this fantastic cd. ( Beware: Ironic ! )
Psilopechtris wrote on August 31, 2020
RobIreland: You are missing the point. No one is judging you for the type of music you like. Remember this is supposed to be for collectors... This is a compilation that even the official record company would never dare to release. The release itself is ridiculous.
Psilopechtris wrote on August 31, 2020
Gladyslove: I think they are working on the house mix for " Old MacDonalds " probably released as a limited edition soundtrack for a McDonald's commercial (lol)
benny scott wrote on August 31, 2020
Gentlemen, remember : to each his own ! Absolutely not my cup of tea either, but pls, stop the mockery !
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 01, 2020
"Edge of Reality" would've been a perfect inclusion! -- "Oh, I can hear strange voices echo, laughing with mockery . . ."
Deano1 wrote on September 01, 2020
It would seem we have some folks that take the word hit a little too seriously. The word doesn't necessarily mean a top 40 hit, it can be hit because it was featured in a hit movie or album. Many of Elvis' movie posters from the 1960's proclaimed things like "hear Elvis sing his 11 big hits" and we know they weren't all single release hits. Many albums during Elvis' lifetime referred to hits and the songs weren't really "hits" namely Burning Love and Hits from His Movies, Vol 2., Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies" and even Gold Records, Volume 4). The 4th installment of gold records contained two songs that didn't hit the top 40 and one of those didn't even chart. In the case of this record, it does contain 6 top 40 hits and another song "King Creole" which was named song of the year by American Bandstand viewers. Most of the rest were on top 10 "hit" albums or extended plays and only "Black Star" ("Flaming Star was a hit), "Britches", "Mama", "The Lady Loves Me" and "I'm a Roustabout" were not either hits or on hit soundtrack LP's. Many agree "I'm a Roustabout" could have been a good sized hit for Elvis in '64 had Paramount not asked the song to be removed from the movie and replaced with the softer "Roustabout"...I get enjoyment out of listening to all the tracks on this album, even "Britches" and while some might not be his best, some are and I am love vinyl. Will I buy it, probably not, but why can't we just let people decide for themselves. Quick buck? you mean like the Colonel, RCA, the production copies and even Elvis at times were after during his career? Remember "Having Fun With Elvis On Stage" in 1974 and schlock like "Harum Scarum" in 1965?
JerryNodak wrote on September 01, 2020
I pretty much agree with the comments of Deano1. Let each consumer decide. BTW: One person's schlock is another's treasure. I bought Harum Scarum in '65 because I had seen the movie (which I had disliked,) but I had enjoyed the songs. I still like them today. I'm hoping for The Complete Harum Scarum Sessions from FTD at some point if there's enough material available.
Deano1 wrote on September 02, 2020
Thank you JerryNodak. I feel like I should explain the schlock comment. I was referring to the movie more than the soundtrack although no doubt Elvis (who recorded all the tracks in one day) was doing both for a quick payday and quality of the final product was not a priority by anyone involved. At least with the album above they made a nice gatefold cover and printed it on blue vinyl and from the reviews it has good sound. We can discuss all day the merits of each track and a need for the release, but it appears to be of higher quality than many releases.
Psilopechtris wrote on September 02, 2020
A hit song, also known as a hit record, hit single or simply a hit, is a recorded song or instrumental that becomes broadly popular or well-known. Although hit song means any widely played or big-selling song, the specific term hit record usually refers to a single that has appeared in an official music chart through repeated radio airplay or significant commercial sales.
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 03, 2020
Psilopechtris, thank you for your voice of reason, straightforwardness, and honesty about what a hit really is in the music world. At least six or seven of the twenty songs on this album were NOT "hits from his movies".
Gorse wrote on September 03, 2020
All very interesting. I was recently watching a top notch documentary on Elvis possibly ‘The Searcher’ when the comment was made, Elvis had no hits between the years 1966 and the 1968 Elvis Comeback Special. Now this has been said before in other documentaries so I looked up the US Billboard positions for that period and found the following ( ‘A’ sides only ) for that period …. 33 ; 25 ; 19 ; 40 ; 33 ; 63 ; 56 ; 38 ; 43 ; 28 ; 90 ; 71 ; 69 . My observation would be that a young artist starting out their recording career at that time, would have been credited at the very least with Top Hundred hits, but for Elvis being no longer at his previous lofty chart heights, they were all collected together and deemed ‘misses’.
marty wrote on September 03, 2020
Since almost all of Elvis's releases (singles and albums) managed to hit the charts (some at low positions), technically almost all of Elvis's songs can be considered as hits if they were included in a hit album. For me hits are songs that made an impact in the charts as singles or in some cases as the main song on an EP (e.g. Love Me). As such I do not consider most of the songs in this album to be hits. The same is true for Camden albums "Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies"& "Burning Love And Hits From His Movies Vol. 2" as most songs are not really hits! I think this Miracle Surface release uses the same approach as the Camden albums, probably on purpose.
JerryNodak wrote on September 03, 2020
Gorse: I agree with you.
bajo wrote on September 03, 2020
It never ends, does it? If ever there were something like this I would have tried: 1. Love Me Tender 2. Teddy Bear 3. Jailhouse Rock 4. Hard Headed Woman 5. Wooden Heart 6. Flaming Star 7. Wild In The Country 8. Can’t Help Falling In Love 9. Follow That Dream 10. King Of The Whole Wide World 11. Return To Sender 12. One Broken Heart For Sale 13. Bossa Nova Baby 14. Kissin’ Cousins 15. Viva Las Vegas 16. Little Egypt 17. Do The Clam 18. Such An Easy Question (Tickle Me) 19. Frankie And Johnny 20. Let Yourself Go 21. A Little Less Conversation 22. Clean Up Your Own Back Yard 23. Rubberneckin’ At least somewhere near "hits"!
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 04, 2020
~ Forget the interpretation or meaning of "Hits". The fact of the matter is that Black Star, Britches, Mama, Plantation Rock, and I'm A Roustabout were not even included in an Elvis movie... (recorded for, but not included). The title of this bootleg album can be analyzed by everyone for an entire month, but it will still remain a joke of a title.
jaques marcello wrote on September 04, 2020
Not for me.
Psilopechtris wrote on September 04, 2020
Totally agree with TheMemphisFan.