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#1 Again

August 24, 2020 | Other

What a fantastic celebration for this CV19 Lockdown year, as the 50th anniv one-night-only release of 'Elvis: That’s The Way It Is' shot to the No.1 spot at the UK box office and in Australia was the highest per-cinema take of any film this week. With the UK cinemas finally reopened the distributor Trafalgar Releasing had plenty to celebrate.

Elvis' re-released classic 1970 documentary concert film debuted in 260 UK cinemas on Thursday (August 13), taking over £94,000 in box office takings, making it No.1 for the day. According to Trafalgar, that also makes it the UK’s biggest popular music concert release of 2020.
It was Trafalgar’s first release since UK cinemas were allowed to reopen on July 4, and shows the appetite for concert experiences despite live music’s lengthy hiatus.

“We are pleased to see one of the world’s most successful recording artists return to No.1 with Elvis: That's The Way It Is, 50 years after its initial release,” said Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing. “The attendance numbers show the continued appetite from fans to come together and celebrate the musicians they love, demonstrating further opportunities for music to thrive in cinemas.” The movie also played in over 200 cinemas internationally, and pulled in the highest per-cinema average take of any film in Australia.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Gladyslove wrote on August 24, 2020
Superb. I hope he will be in the charts again soon, in the highest position worldwide. Come on, it´s Elvis !
joemin wrote on August 24, 2020
Wish I could have gone, not showing anywhere near me. Has anyone here bought the FTD album??
Psilopechtris wrote on August 25, 2020
joemin: Don't know your level of collector's knowledge but if you own the bootlegs not worth the price assuming you are not a fan of books with pictures taken from film. Pretty overweight boxset for nothing when they could've simply released the cds with a reasonable booklet just like they did with Live 1969 or even TTWII deluxe edition a few years back. It's your call !!!
Psilopechtris wrote on August 25, 2020
Gladyslove: I am curious to see the charts in North America! Like the colonel used to say say: ''Multiplication is the name of the game, have a nice day!''