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That's The Way It Will Be

June 29, 2020 | Book

Here is a flyer for the upcoming FTD/Flaming Star release That's The Way It Is. There is no price announced yet, more info when we have it.

Gladyslove wrote on June 29, 2020
Newly discovered unreleased performances !?
marty wrote on June 29, 2020
This book release has 8cds that apparently include all the rehearsals etc and has many unreleased performances. While we have the best of these recordings, it will be great to have everything in one place. And these FTD books are always very well made and a joy to have. It will be expensive I guess but I am really looking forward to it. I read somewhere that the mainstream "From Elvis Is Nashville" 4cd Sony release will include undubbed versions of the all 1970 Nashville recordings. If this is the case, I'll be looking forward to this as well. We already have all the live recordings. Maybe a "complete sessions" from 1970 will follow from FTD?
EJF wrote on June 29, 2020
I guess I'd better place a mortgage on my house to get this. And "many rare and unreleased performances"?! Yes, of course. There's quite a few burps from Elvis we've never heard before!
wildfishie wrote on June 29, 2020
Awesome release! Looking forward to it!
JerryNodak wrote on June 30, 2020
I just don't feel a need for this. So, I won;t be buying.
Steve V wrote on June 30, 2020
Do not collect huge books, so this is not for me. As for unreleased performances, they are just going to be songs we probably have other outtakes on. Now if it said unreleased newly discovered songs never performed by Elvis, I may consider it. On second thought, nah, too expensive.
claunath82 wrote on June 30, 2020
TTWII was originally filmed for the cinema and for 50 years we have not had a complete concert, which would really interest me it would be 1 or 2 blu ray with a concert and other new images ...
Martin DJ wrote on July 01, 2020
There is a good (and sad) reason a complete concert hasn’t been released. As Rick Schmidlin, the producer of the special edition of TTWII says in The Man and his Music (December 2000): ‘No concert had more than six songs shot. They shot six songs at most, and then they moved onto the next night. Also there was ‘a lot of out-of focus material, and a lot of wide shots where Elvis is a pin dot on the screen. (… ) You also have to realise that the camera is loaded with 20 minutes of film, and they did not change camera loads, generally, throughout the show. So that’s the thing people don’t understand… the nature of the material.’
wildfishie wrote on July 03, 2020
Hello Martin, the old boxset "The Complete Works" presents way more than 6 songs per concert shot for the documentary. The real truth around MGM not releasing more material is a big mystery. They took years to do that on the special edition (when everyone thought that theatrical version and lost performances was all there was). I'm inclined to believe there's still more stuff somewhere.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 06, 2020
No thanks. FTD is no longer relevant; I really don't even know why I keep looking at this page anymore.
elvis_aotc wrote on July 07, 2020
Martin DJ: The special edition could be much more than now. They said also that all the songs what was in the original would be shown in the special edition. That is said when they pre-showed the special edition at Graceland mansion back than.But when they released it, it was the same as they showed at Graceland and a lot of songs of the original TTWII was missing. I know for sure that there is much more to show., See internet, you can see a lot of songs out there that are officially not released.but that they could use. I agree that with the rest you write. No complete shows were recorded and with a lot of footage Elvis is not on camera, only the surroundings like the musicians or the audience. But even that with good mixing with other material could be used.The could mix several songs songs together where Elvis is on camera.
elvis_aotc wrote on July 07, 2020
This is the 50th anniversary of TTWII and it is a very sad year. No new film release of That's The Way It Is. They did not film complete shows, but i had expect more respect for the legacy of Elvis. THIS IS THE YEAR TO RELEASE ALL THE UNUSED FILM MATERIAL OF TTWII. So we all can forget now that will ever happen. The only thing we get are books and cd's that cost a fortune. My heart bleeds... :((((((
Martin DJ wrote on July 08, 2020
Personally, I don’t care if it is the 50th or whatever anniversary. If it were to be released a couple of years later there would be something to look forward to. Still, I don’t think the release of an extended or new TTWII is likely. The entertainment world has moved on since the special edition was created in 2000. All the sounds and images of Elvis need you can find for free on YouTube. Making the 2000 version was a lot of work (all the material had to be colour-corrected and synchronised with the audio) and it did not make millions of dollars, otherwise they would have given On Tour the same treatment. Plus: there are legal issues. Rights to use songs have to be obtained, which is not always possible. For the dvd release of On Tour they, couldn’t use Johnny B Goode, in the original movie they couldn’t use the 2001 theme. And as for songs from the original TTWII not being in the special edition: since both versions are available on dvd, that’s rather a good thing.
Christer wrote on July 12, 2020
A comment on page 311 of "A life in music" on the rehearsal tapes: "The above list includes only songs known to exist on tape as of 1998, many more are known to have been recorded" Well, let's hope :)
Martin DJ wrote on July 13, 2020
And speaking of good news: Elvis Austrialia mentions the imminent release (11th August) of a blu-ray containing both versions of TTWII, including "12 outtakes/nonmusical sequences" from the special edition and 12 outtakes/nonmusical sequences" from the theatrical release. That should keep the fans happy for at least a week.
Canario wrote on July 17, 2020
I buy all FTD books but not the cds , what really annoys me , that here in the U.K. there are certain Elvis dealers who when the books are released , and there is a very high demand for the book they put the book up to a very high price , this makes it more unaffordable to some fans . This practice needs to be stopped by FTD
KINGE wrote on August 30, 2020
Heard all 8 discs during the last 3-4 days. Theres a lots of distortion on most of the 2 first discs. Poor sound on disc 6 and 7 as well and also in mono. Good sound on disc 3,4 and 5 but sound on bootlegs was also good so not a huge upgrade imo Disc8 is the same as Stage Rehersal FTD and not a fan of the editing and the incomplete rehersals tracks beeing mixed with live tracks of the same songs,hearing loud audience reaction on the empty showroom rehearsal is just weird. The books is great and I dont think it could have been done much better without the price beeing much higher but i`m no book expert .