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The Complete Kid Galahad Sessions

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, June 14, 2020 | Book

With a little delay I got the opportunity to enjoy the next FTD release in ‘The Complete Session’-series. This time the soundtrack recordings for Kid Galahad are in full display.


As with the previous releases in this series the package is pretty good. A slip case for the fold out panel holding the CDs. The panel is decorated with tape labels from the sessions. The booklet is as usual beautifully decorated with publicity shots, candids and all sorts of memorabilia.


The written content is pretty outstanding. A good essay by Alan Hanson is accompanied by all the necessary session information, movie background and trivia and a lot of statistical stuff about the releases for a ton of countries.

Some 15 years ago ElvisNews wrote on the original FTD release of this soundtrack:

No discussion on the quality of movie soundtracks this time, that has been done too often. We'd like to say "to each his own" "and place them in the right - historic - perspective". As for our personal taste, this soundtrack rates in the top half on our personal favourite movie soundtrack list. The album, or should we say EP, isn't too slow and songs "King Of The Whole Wide World" and “I Got Lucky” are funny and upbeat enough, so you keep humming it a while. The same goes for other songs from the original EP like "Riding The Rainbow" and "This Is Living". Next to those fun songs there is a beautiful ballad in the form of “Home Is Where The Heart Is”. To have out-takes from these songs is a good reason to get this CD. But we have to admit we get a bit spoilt by now. Some 6 years ago we were looking forward to any new “complete sessions” (bootleg) CD, but now we get a bit bored at the 7th version of “King Of The Whole Wide World”. 

Then we got bored at the 7th version, now we have to endure not less than 31 takes of this song, not counting the bonus of the remake. In other words: it still is not my piece of cake to listen to so many takes, especially not when the song is not really evolving, it is there from the first take, with only slight differences… the same goes for the other tracks.


A beautiful collector’s item, but it won’t find its way to my player very often, I’m afraid.


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JerryNodak wrote on June 14, 2020
Generally speaking, I enjoy the Kid Galahad soundtrack. But I'm a lot like Lex. I don't enjoy listening to a song (any song) from take 1 thru take 20 or whatever. I bought this set because I expected improved sound, and I wasn't disappointed. Now I will set about making my own CDR of the portions of the soundtrack I wish to revisit often. Overall on a scale of 1 to 5 I give this release a 4.
Bob Finkel wrote on June 15, 2020
The sound quality is excellent. I don't think it could get any better. Another session completely and in such good sound quality. It is true that FTD's complete sessions may be a few years late. But now we get it. I also made me a favorite CDR. Please in this quality - packaging, booklet, sound - keep it up FTD. Looking forward to the next complete session.
claunath82 wrote on June 15, 2020
I agree with what was said above about the takes taken one after the other but it would be really nice if they isolated each complete take on a track which would allow listening to false starts for those who want and listen to a complete take without going through 2 or 3 false starts, other than that I am really satisfied with the sound and the quality of the booklet and the complete set. thank you FTD
Milky White Way wrote on June 16, 2020
I’m delighted with this set. The sound quality is incredible and I love listening from take 1 through to the master. I’m not bothered about the F/S takes but I guess the sleeve notes could note each take as a LF/S, F/S or F/T to help folks know. Already looking forward to what’s next in this series. Thank you FTD
Lex wrote on June 21, 2020
Jerry obviously did not read what I wrote...
bajo wrote on July 23, 2020
It is a nice addition in the complete sessions series! But, I agree with others that listening to false starts and breakdowns over time it's not my cup of tea. But, I have edited the set down to complete takes only. Editing out all the banter and count ins, leaving only the complete takes of the songs. That's somehow more entertaining. I have done the same with other FTD's too. In the end it boils down to listening to the originals as they were!