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Home Is Where The Heart Is

May 13, 2020 | Music

Here is a preview of the 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' vinyl single that will be released by the Danish Memphis Mansion as part of their campaign with the same title. The version on the album is the original edit as featured on the EP. The single version is the originally recorded complete unedited master.

The song is coupled with 'King of the Whole Wide World'. An album with the same title is due to follow.  The single is limited to 300 copies on red, white and blue colored vinyl, 100 copies of each color. When you buy the set of three singles you get the ad as a poster.


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Gorse wrote on May 14, 2020
This song seems to find its way on many of my playlists, and would have made a fine global 'A' side single . I find his tender soulful rendition of IMHO high class ballads such as these among many of his most enjoyable recordings.
Gladyslove wrote on May 18, 2020
I want a single with " Old McDonalds " as a side and " Datin´ " as b side. Yes, indeed.