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Love Letters from Elvis

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, April 12, 2020 | Music

It took a while for this album to arrive, but finally I got the latest FTD-vinyl production, a 2LP version of the 1971 album Love Letters from Elvis.


The cover is much better in my opinion than the original, great live shots decorating the in and outside of the cover. There’s a little background information on the original release, the actual recording information and some memorabilia to complete the look of the product.


Yes, the album consisted of left-overs from the Nashville Marathon in the summer of 1970. Yes, they were left-overs for a reason, as being not the strongest songs recorded during those days. But YES, it is still a hack of band that could carry a tune and a hell of a singer. I prefer a weaker Elvis song above almost anything that is recorded nowadays.

Anyway, this set is uplifted a bit by adding the master of Something, The Sound of Your Cry and an outtake of Rags to Riches. The song that never came true for me (It Ain’t No Big Thing…) is a bit overexposed on 3 sides of the set.

Elvis’ warm voice sounds still great on vinyl, and for that reason only I do enjoy these releases (okay, okay some soundtracks not included).


In these days of social distancing due to a lousy virus we can only notice that there are more important things than music of a singer that is dead longer than he lived. On the other hand, those little moments of pleasure brings some comfort that is much needed.


Side A
01 It Ain’t No Big Thing 
   (But It’s Growing) (master) 2:48
02 Heart Of Rome – takes 2, 3  
    (undubbed master) 7:57
03 When I’m Over You (master) 2:27
04 Got My Mojo Working / 
   Keep Your Hands Off Of It   
    (master) 4:36  

Side B
01 Life – takes 1,2  4:57  
02 Cindy, Cindy – takes 2, 3 
    (undubbed master) 4:22
03 Rags To Riches – take 3  1:54
04 Love Letters – takes 3,1 3:59
05 It Ain’t No Big Thing 
   (But It’s Growing) – takes 1,2  3:32

Side C
01 I’ll Never Know (master) 2:24
02 Something (master) 3:33
03 This Is Our Dance – takes 6, 7, 9,11
    (undubbed master) 6:45
04 Only Believe – takes 3. 4 
    (undubbed master) 5:35

Side D
01 The Sound Of Your Cry 
    (master) 3:14
02 It Ain’t No Big Thing 
   (But It’s Growing) – takes 3-6 4:10
03 Love Letters (master) 2:50)
04 If I Were You – takes 2-5  6:23
05 Life – take 10  3:04

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JerryNodak wrote on April 15, 2020
I have a soft spot for the original LP. Bought it when it first came out years ago. Still have it. Won't be buying this release. I already have most (if not all) of this material on the 2 CD FTD release. 4 stars.