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The 70s

March 17, 2020 | Music

Sony Legacy re-releases the CD The 70s: Elvis Presley from 2013.


See See Rider ("On Stage" February 1970) - The Wonder Of You (Version von "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits") - Burning Love - Always On My Mind - Polk Salad Annie ("On Stage" - February 1970) - The Next Step Is Love - Walk A Mile In My Shoes ("On Stage" - February 1970) - Separate Ways - Patch It Up (Live - "Elvis, That's The Way It Is" Soundtrack LP) - I've Got A Thing About You Baby - An American Trilogy (February 1972 - Single Master) -  Moody Blue

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
circleG wrote on March 18, 2020
Well if you're going to trim it down to hand full of songs I guess these are it.
joemin wrote on March 18, 2020
I just recently got my hands on Elvis Hits of the 70's from FTD. It has the original album from 1975 plus loads more, 49 songs in total on 2 CDs. I think it has all the singles and B sides from 70s, plus a number of album tracks. I think Sony should put a version of that, or perhaps the entire 2 CD album, out on general release.
bajo wrote on March 24, 2020
It's a wonder who makes these kind of compilations at Sony? I simply just don't get it! I agree with "joemin" on this. The FTD could easily have covered the "best" of the 70's in a fine collection. Never liked the cover though. So, a new cover could easily disguise it coming from the FTD.
JerryNodak wrote on March 30, 2020
I just played the FTD release "Hits Of The '70's" the other day. A fine release. I've never regretted buying it. t wish they would put together a "Hit's Of The '60's" release.
genedin wrote on April 12, 2020
For the avegrage joe/jane fan.