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The Kid Galahad Sessions

March 09, 2020 | Music

FTD announced the release of THE KID GALAHAD SESSIONS. It includes many remixed and remastered unreleased studio outtakes. This 7” deluxe 2-CD package features a 28-page booklet with an insightful essay, record and movie data, memorabilia and rare photos. 

01  King Of The Whole Wide World 2:11            
02  This Is Living 1:47                                                       
03  Riding The Rainbow 1:41                                                     
04  Home Is Where The Heart Is 1:54                                        
05  I Got Lucky 1:58                                  
06  A Whistling Tune 2:46                                                      

07  King Of The Whole Wide World (take 1) 3:06                                      
08  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 2-6) 7:31                                   
09  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 7-8) 3:40                           
10  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 9-10) 3:55                             
11  King Of The Whole Wide World (take 11) 3:18                                  
12  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 12-13) 3:23                          
13  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 14-15) 1:45                          
14  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 16-19) 5:19                       
15  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 20-25) 7:12                       
16  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 26-29) 5:17                      
17  King Of The Whole Wide World (takes 30-31/alternate master) 3:29                                                                                            
18  A Whistling Tune (takes 1-2) 4:42                                                     
19  A Whistling Tune (takes 3-8) 6:21                                           
20  A Whistling Tune (splice of take 1 and take 8/unedited master) 3:23                      
21  Home Is Where The Heart Is (takes 1-6) 4:19

01  Home Is Where The Heart Is (take 7) 3:09                                          
02  Home Is Where The Heart Is (takes 8-10) 5:01                                       
03  Home Is Where The Heart Is (takes 11-12) 3:41                                  
04  Home Is Where The Heart Is (takes 13-14) 3:47                                    
05  Home Is Where The Heart Is (takes 15-20) 6:06                                       
06  Home Is Where The Heart Is (take 21/unedited master) 2:57                 
07  Riding The Rainbow (take 1) 2:08                                                          
08  Riding The Rainbow (takes 2-4) 3:56                                                          
09  Riding The Rainbow (takes 5-6) 2:39                                                        
10  Riding The Rainbow (take 7) 2:07                                                       
11  Riding The Rainbow (take 8) 2:13                                                  
12  Riding The Rainbow (splice of take 9 and take 8/alternate master) 1:54                      
13  Riding The Rainbow (remake) (takes 1-6) 6:27                                     
14  Riding The Rainbow (remake) (take 7) 1:56                                                   
15  I Got Lucky (take 1) 1:50                                       
16  I Got Lucky (takes 2-5) 2:41                                                                       
17  I Got Lucky (take 6) 1:46                                                            
18  I Got Lucky (remake) (take 1) 1:35                                                              
19  I Got Lucky (remake) (take 2/unedited master) 2:24                              
20  This Is Living (takes 1-2) 2:01                                                            
21  This Is Living (take 3) 2:07                                              
22  This Is Living (takes 4-8) 5:14                                                              
23  This Is Living (takes 9/10 master) 2:55                                                   
24  King Of The Whole Wide World (remake) (takes 1-3) 4:28                         
25  King Of The Whole Wide World (remake) (take 4/unedited master) 3:05

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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claunath82 wrote on March 09, 2020
interresting despite the fact that other sessions are more important before in my case, why not isolate the complete takes on a track, it is sometimes painful to listen to 2,3 or more fales starts before a complete take...
Bob Finkel wrote on March 09, 2020
Great session, great songs and a great sounding Elvis. And now finally complete. Looking forward to this release. Thumbs up.
JerryNodak wrote on March 09, 2020
Really looking forward to this release. Love these songs, and we get both the edited and unedited versions. I might actually listen to this release several times all the way through before I put together my CDR of essential tracks.
TheMemphisFan wrote on March 10, 2020
~ Which tracks are previously unreleased by RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD ? Does anyone here know for sure?
Bob Finkel wrote on March 10, 2020
TheMemphisFan, a lot of takes are unreleased by RCA, Sony, FTD. Look at Keith Flynn dot com and you can check by yourself.
EJF wrote on March 10, 2020
These sessions will only be complete when they find, if they ever do, the tapes containing all the stereo masters. No mention of this in the synopses so I guess we are regaled with just the old mono masters on this set.
Boxcar wrote on March 10, 2020
I see 6 unreleased takes on Keith Flynn's site. Might be less than 10 minutes of new music. Anyway, to get it in good mix and sound after all these years will be great. And claunath82: If listening to false starts is painful for you, you are in the wrong department here. This is FTD .. a collector's label release. It's intended for those who don't feel pain while listening to Elvis at work but interest in how songs evolve. For those who wanna listen to only quality music I recommand regular CDs, the many mainstream outtake collections (like Essential, or the boxed sets like Close Up or the 'Legacy' series).
Bob Finkel wrote on March 10, 2020
Boxcar, TheMemphisFan's question was how many takes by RCA, BMG, Sony, FTD are unreleased. And that's more than 6 takes! And you are right, the sound after all these years will be hopefully great.
Boxcar wrote on March 10, 2020
My reply wasn't aimed at TheMemphisFan. It was my overall impression about the release.
Milky White Way wrote on March 10, 2020
I’m really excited about this release. To get all the outtakes of Whistling Tune is a gem in of itself. One question though, looking at the price on OEPFC site why is the price over £39 for a two cd set when all the other FTD releases are two cd sets and only £24? That’s a big price hike! I will buy because I want it but boy....!
claunath82 wrote on March 10, 2020
Boxcar : understand me it's great to have the full sessions but I would just like the complete takes to be isolated, I can listen to false starts but not systematically before a complete take which I like to put on a USB stick for the car. cordially
JerryNodak wrote on March 10, 2020
EJF: Find the stereo masters? I wasn't aware they were lost. The last time I listened to the Kid Galahad masters ( on the 60 CD box) they were all in stereo.
EJF wrote on March 11, 2020
You're right JerryNodak, sorry for the confusion. That was my mistake. In my haste I confused the Kid Galahad masters with the Follow That Dream ones, the stereo masters of which are the ones lost.
TheMemphisFan wrote on March 11, 2020
JerryNodak, you are correct, sir. Perhaps EJF is thinking of the lost "Follow That Dream" stereo masters. ~ Milky White Way, I suppose FTD is trying to justify the price hike because of the special "Sessions" packaging which will include a more extensive booklet than what was included in the 2004 FTD issue.
TheMemphisFan wrote on March 11, 2020
Sorry for that, EJF. I posted just about 1 minute after you did.
Gladyslove wrote on March 11, 2020
Whine about the price but if it would be realesed on the import market they would pay the price without whining.
Milky White Way wrote on March 11, 2020
Hey Gladyslove, no whining intended, I just thought it seemed a bit excessive compared to other 2 CD set FTD's but TheMenmphisFan made a fair point. I don't buy imports regardless of how good they seem. I want to give my money into the official channels. So sometimes I notice if things are expensive. I'm really excited for this set as I have held off buying some of the studio FTD's in anticipation of the full session releases. How tragic that the King Creole sessions were lost or erased!
Gladyslove wrote on March 11, 2020
Milky, I didn´t mean you especially, just posted what a fan told me.Yes, sadly some of the sessions are not available anymore.
doctorcmp wrote on March 14, 2020
I think this product is overkill. We already have plenty of CD releases. The recent 180 g vinyl have been excellent. Kid Galahad with Flaming Star would make an excellent double album release. Follow That Dream with Wild in the Country would also be well received. Both of these have plenty of alternate takes and versions to make an excellent double LP release.The same can be said for Loving You as well as Fun in Acapulco. Each of these movies have enough alternate material to fill a double LP release.
EKay wrote on March 20, 2020
doctorcmp, what?
circleG wrote on March 20, 2020
Now that these are going to be a new avenue for FTD I'd like to suggest the His Hand In Mine sessions. That as a CD set would just blow me away. I would play that all day every Sunday.
schemies wrote on March 20, 2020
As I wrote already for the complete EIB sessions: Since this is about the complete session and NOT about the original album, I think they could have skipped the original masters, since they will be mono (if original), and edited, so who needs it again. So what would I prefer to buy as a complete session? His Hand in Mine & How Great Thou Art is a good idea, something Elvis believed in! Also all the sessions of 1961, and 1962 (Something for Everybody & Pot Luck)! And especially here, please not again the original album! Keep the sequence of recording, that's better. Also the Guitar Man sessions, including the non-soundtrack songs from January 15, 1968, to make the good feeling complete. The American Sound sessions I would split into the January and the February sessions to have 2 sets, which are really complete then. The June 1970 Studio B sessions would be tough to have them all in one set, so a good idea is needed to split them. But NOT into the 3 albums they were sold with originally!! Stay healthy!
claunath82 wrote on March 21, 2020
For me it is very important to have the masters included in the full sessions, they are part of a coherent set, my next wishes would be all those mentioned above but for this year those of Nashville 70 are a priority I think ( to celebrate the 50th anniversary).The classic albums apparently stop, too bad because I would have liked the Camden Faming Star, Let's be Friends and Almost in love then In Concert 77 ...
Bob Finkel wrote on March 21, 2020
claunath82, I absolutely agree with you. Some classic albums are still missing and the masters of the sessions for me important too.
TheMemphisFan wrote on March 22, 2020
claunath82, I respectfully disagree. All of the masters are already included within the takes of the session(s)... usually the final take(s). The ELVIS IS BACK! Sessions set required an extra disc (CD 1) in order to include the unnecessary original album tracks in order & the original singles tracks (which are all easily available on other CDs). That extra disc caused the set to be more expensive than it needed to be. ---- However, as for The KID GALAHAD Sessions, it actually benefits the set to include the original masters as they first appeared on EPA-4371 because some of them were edited and originally released in mono only... And it didn't require an entire extra disc to include them.
TheMemphisFan wrote on March 22, 2020
claunath82, if FTD ever does issue Flaming Star as a 'classic' album, they will issue it as it was first released in 1968 with the PRS-279 RCA Victor tan label via the Singer Corporation (sewing machine company).