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Magazine Sunday

March 08, 2020 | Other

Last week 2 magazines arrived at the office, The Man And His Music (127) and Graceland (251), here is an overview.

The Man And His Music

The Man And His Music (TMAHM/EMM, whatever you want) shines as always. Luther Moore contributes with two articles this time. Hiding in Plain Sight handles weird fragments in Elvis' recordings and The Reel Deal is about the dedicated work of The Elvis Presley Film Society, both a good read. Trevor Cajiao takes us through the days of Elvis' return from the army and the 1950s albums. There's a little gem on the Los Angeles shows at the Forum Arena in November 1970. Of course there's plenty of time to be spent with the regulars: news and reviews.


The German Graceland, by the Elvis Presley Gesellschaft features a superb article on Honolulu '57, many great pictures of the trip to and the show in Hawaii. Furthermore there is a lengthy interview with Pål Granlund and an article on the recording sessions of The Trouble With Girls. The readers are updated with news and reviews too.

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