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Stranger In The Crowd - The Definitive 70's Ballads

February 18, 2020 | Music

Another new collection, 'Stranger In The Crowd - The Definitive 70's Ballads' includes very hard to find outtakes, overdub versions,  live recordings and masters.

Tracks include, Hurt - take 5, How the Web Was Woven - Undubbed Master, Let It Be Me - With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
If You Love Me Let Me Know - Live, April 1977, For Ole Time's Sake - Duet with Tony Joe White, Bringing It Back - take 4, The Sound of Your Cry - Extended Master (Stereo) and more..

Source:Elvis Information Network
jaques marcello wrote on February 19, 2020
The cover art was cool. but it doesn't bring anything new
benny scott wrote on February 19, 2020
Reminds me of our man singing "let's milk" in Milkcow Blues Boogie.
Jeoliverm wrote on February 20, 2020
More rubbish
Bob Finkel wrote on February 20, 2020
Such CDs are annoying and useless. Pure money-making.
NorwayElvis wrote on March 04, 2020
This collection is something everyone can make themselves....or get a friend to make it for you. No need to support crap releases like this. And I like some of the RPO tracks but none of them belongs here imo
Cruiser621 wrote on March 10, 2020
Agreed. The constant reissuing of the same thing over and over is a complete rip-off; why this web site keeps putting this crap on line astounds me. The man's been dead since 1977, enough already, stop milking or trying to milk the sacred cow.