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Elvis Reborn

January 27, 2020 | Music

Again someone felt the need to mess with Elvis' classics. 30 songs messed up on Reborn and turned into fake stereo.

Source:Elvis Information Network
PADawgs wrote on February 08, 2020
Now available on Spotify. After listening, my verdict - horrible, just horrible.
PADawgs wrote on February 09, 2020
After an extended listen, streaming Spotify at 320 kbps through a Naim Uniti Nova and B&W 805/3, I endorse my previous thoughts - the DES is horrible, adding nothing but detracting considerably from the mono recordings. Principal concerns: No middle in the stereo soundfield, very limited bass response with what appears heavy artificial treble to somehow add 'clarity' (it fails!); added reverb; compression (perhaps to boost the mids?). The technology may be interesting but the execution and final result certainly isn't.
Pinkie wrote on February 10, 2020
Listened to both and as PADawgs did, streaming Spotify Premium. I agree with his/her comments to some extent, maybe not quite so harshly and I think the quality of his/her system - and it's very expensive - doesn't help. However, I don't notice any difference with BitTube in terms of sound other than Bittube seems louder. I certainly think the results are very interesting and I'm sure I can hear parts of the backing and nuances in Elvis's voice I couldn't in mono! So bits clearer but it's certainly not a stereo image and there are various processing artifacts as PADawgs mentioned.