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Love Letters From Elvis

January 13, 2020 | Music

FTD will release a 2LP extended version of Love Letters From Elvis on February 3, 2020.

This is what they say about it:

FTD Vinyl’s next release upgrades LOVE LETTERS FROM ELVIS. Recorded during the marathon sessions held in Nashville, June 4-8, 1970, the original LP became the last album of utilising songs recorded during that week. This new 180-gram heavyweight vinyl edition mastered at Abbey Road in London features a FESTIVAL of outtakes and masters.


Side A
01 It Ain’t No Big Thing 
   (But It’s Growing) (master) 2:48
02 Heart Of Rome – takes 2, 3  
    (undubbed master) 7:57
03 When I’m Over You (master) 2:27
04 Got My Mojo Working / 
   Keep Your Hands Off Of It   
    (master) 4:36  

Side B
01 Life – takes 1,2  4:57  
02 Cindy, Cindy – takes 2, 3 
    (undubbed master) 4:22
03 Rags To Riches – take 3  1:54
04 Love Letters – takes 3,1 3:59
05 It Ain’t No Big Thing 
   (But It’s Growing) – takes 1,2  3:32

Side C
01 I’ll Never Know (master) 2:24
02 Something (master) 3:33
03 This Is Our Dance – takes 6, 7, 9,11
    (undubbed master) 6:45
04 Only Believe – takes 3. 4 
    (undubbed master) 5:35

Side D
01 The Sound Of Your Cry 
    (master) 3:14
02 It Ain’t No Big Thing 
   (But It’s Growing) – takes 3-6 4:10
03 Love Letters (master) 2:50)
04 If I Were You – takes 2-5  6:23
05 Life – take 10  3:04

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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JerryNodak wrote on January 13, 2020
I've got the FTD version of this LP. That's all I need.
Boxcar wrote on January 14, 2020
If they wouldn't release it I wouldn't have asked for it. FTD vinyl are not for me. Give me the 4 CD 'Complete Sessions' set instead.
jaques marcello wrote on January 14, 2020
I already ordered mine. Wish there were more takes of the song the sound of your cry
Bob Finkel wrote on January 15, 2020
Outstanding cover. Looks really good. I will buy it. Hope that FTD will bring a CD Box very soon.
Gladyslove wrote on January 16, 2020
Do you remember the book " Elvis by Dagmar " ? The cover picture is from there. But I don´t collect Elvis on vinyl anymore. Happy days for those who does.
circleG wrote on January 17, 2020
I'll be getting this. This cover looks more dynamic than the original. If its mastered at Abbey Road like many of the other vinyls I'm sure the sound will blow me away.
NorwayElvis wrote on January 31, 2020
All tracks should be alternate takes/unbubbed master instead of including overdubbed masters. I will most likely order this so my 1970s FTD vinyl collection is complete.