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FTD Replacement

January 17, 2020 | Music
The Follow That Dream collectors label announced that they will supply a replacement disc for CD 2 of the "Elvis Is Back Sessions" 4 CD set.

The statement: "Due to a minor audio defect, on CD 2 of ”The Elvis Is Back Sessions”, we will be supplying a free replacement disc (housed in a plastic wallet) for you to send out with our new releases to your regular customers. You will receive a quantity matching all orders placed by you to date and any future orders until stock is depleted".
Boxcar wrote on January 17, 2020
Thanks Ernst, and don't forget the replacement for the skip on "Loving Arms" (FTD Too Much Monkey Business) and the skip on "Are You Sincere" on (FTD Our Memories Of Elvis) etc. And please .. enjoy your future productions. Just take the time to listen to them ONCE before you sell them. It's something called quality control.
Gladyslove wrote on January 17, 2020
I´ve heard of a fan that he has an audio effect on disc 4. The same effect is on my disc with track 1 at 2:52. What about a replacement ?
benny scott wrote on January 17, 2020
Boxcar : very good remark indeed ! Gladyslove : what do you mean by "an audio effect" ? Always El.
santiagisitestar wrote on January 17, 2020
Please help someone. Also Viva Las Vegas book/cd set disc 1 has defect! If you Think I Don't Need You bleeds into I Need Somebody To Lean On. Track 4 Starts 15 seconds into Need Somebody! There is no excuse for these errors on something so expensive! I bought from Graceland Shop USA. How can I get replacements for EIB disc 2 and VLV disc 1?
Gladyslove wrote on January 18, 2020
benny, it is exactly at 2:52 when Elvis sings " it´s ". It´s track 1 on cd 4. It is not on any ot other cds so it must be a problem from pressing the cd. ( The song is the undubbed master of " It´s now or never. " ) All in all it is a superb ftd, I love the album and the sessions. I can live with that " problem ".
benny scott wrote on January 18, 2020
Gladyslove: thanks for the info! My dealer was on a rather long holyday so i did not order the box yet. I was going to do so when I read about the audio defect on disc 2. So I'll wait to order untill the dealer announces that he is in posession of the replacement discs and make it 1 shipment. Asap I'll check disc 4. Hope it will be ok ! Have a nice weekend !
benny scott wrote on January 18, 2020
Sorry, typo, "possession" !
Gorse wrote on January 18, 2020
I agree it is worth the wait to get the complete corrected release. (btw Benny please look in your internal messages)
benny scott wrote on January 18, 2020
Hi Gorse, thank you so much ! I answered your message and I'll be in touch. A nice weekend to you and your family.
Yoshi wrote on January 19, 2020
To go back to my first comment. What about replacement CDs for the other skipping FTDs? I.e. "Memories Of Elvis" FTD. I've had this twice (It's Elvis Time edition & bootleg edition). Both were perfect. Then I paid for the FTD to support the label and to get a little better sound and all I got was a CD with a skip on "Are You Sincere". As a result I had to keep my bootleg and the FTD was thrown away money. Same with 'Loving Arm' on TMMonkeyBusiness' FTD. Had the Guitar Man CD two times in my collection. Bought the FTD to support the label and all I got was a skip on 'Loving Arms'. 22 Euro 'right down the drain'. AGAIN. And we all know the list of other errors goes on and on. I don't want replacements on all faulty FTDs (Spaceproblem in my room) but I'm really serious about the two mentioned skipping-CDs.
Gladyslove wrote on January 19, 2020
Yoshi, ask yourself is it the right time years after they released these cds that you post it here or do you posted it back then !? I listened to these cds and didn´t find any audio defect, nothing.
Yoshi wrote on January 19, 2020
The new repaired Viva Las Vegas CD should be included. The book was so expensive.
Yoshi wrote on January 19, 2020
Gladyslove You don't have the 'Are you Sincere' skip at 1:12? You don't have the 'extended' intro (caused by a skip) of 'Loving Arms'? Then you got the only working copies I know. And I asked myself if it's the right time and I replied to myself: YES. Because it seems that FTD finally learned that 22 Euro for CDs with skipping songs is not the right way to treat customers and Elvis' legacy. Only now -after the fans raised their voices in some forums- we finally got our 'Definitive Elvis Is Back' session the way it should be. But if you like to go on listening to skipping songs you better stay quiet and enjoy-oy-oy your defective-ective CDs. You are not forced to order the free repaired copy.
Gladyslove wrote on January 19, 2020
Yoshi, don´t get me wrong. What I wanted to say is that it´s now too late to get a replacement cd for the ftds you mention. Mine are okay and I have never heard of anyone that there is a defect. The defect I got on EIB is something I can live with. If it is something greater then I will got a replacement cd.
Gladyslove wrote on January 19, 2020
So I checked it and asked a buddy which ftds did replaced: 1. So high, 2. Fool and 3. Destination USA ( not of a defect but because of wrong songs. ).
Mike.S. wrote on January 19, 2020
I have to agree with Yoshi, the "Our memories" CD has a very strong noise on "Are you sincere", that Lene Reidel produced somehow. There were a lot of requests for a replacement at the time, but Mr. Joergensen might have considered the whole project for not really important, after all, it originally was a Joan Deary release. At the time there were several bootleg releases, that covered this topic, so Mr. Joergensen was under a kind of pressure for a FTD release. But I think, he never really liked the original LPs anyway. The doubled intro of "Loving arms" was also released on the vinyl version "Too much monkey business". It looks like, as if they changed that intro on purpose, which of course doesn't make any sense.
Mike.S. wrote on January 19, 2020
The wrong pregap on CD 1 of "Making of Viva Las Vegas" was already mentioned at the ElvisClubBerlin forum, so far no reactions from FTD. We also pointed out, that the bonus track "What'd I say" on CD 3 runs too slow.
Mike.S. wrote on January 19, 2020
Another comment from ElvisInfoNet: "Unlike the mastering fault on "Our Memories Of Elvis" this is a manufacturing error and therefore the CD printers have to supply a correct copy for free." Should be the same for "Making of Viva las Vegas" CD 1.
JerryNodak wrote on January 20, 2020
I went back and rechecked my Our Memories Of Elvis CDs when I saw noises and skips mentioned here. I didn't remember any problems. The reason? Because mine don't have problems.
Mike.S. wrote on January 21, 2020
Jerry, this is a surprise to me. There should be mastering mistake in "Are you sincere" - two clicks at 1:12 and 1:13. Are you sure, that they are not on your version? I'd be interested, maybe there was another pressing. Thanks for the info.
JerryNodak wrote on January 22, 2020
I don't know about another pressing, but do know that my CD does not have the clicks you mention. Yes, I'm sure.
Bob Finkel wrote on January 22, 2020
I have now listened to the FTD CDs again. On the 'Memories of Elvis' Are you sincere 1:12 and also on the 'Too much Monkey Business' Loving Arms Intro the errors are also there on my CD. But I already knew that. On the 'Making VLV Box' CD1, the mistake is also on my CD. I didn't even notice it because I usually play CD's all the way through. On the 'Elvis is Back Sessions' CD2 I also have the digital error. CD4 Track1 is ok. No error to be heard. And yes, in various forums all of these errors have just been addressed by the older FTD's. I'm thinking of the 'Unchained Melody' where no one stands alone, where the intro has been messed up. Most FTD's with such errors have not been replaced over the years. It’s very annoying. And now again new errors on such expensive products. All of this is very disappointing.
Boxcar wrote on January 22, 2020
I got mixed feelings about FTD. There is the fan-feeling that says that we owe Ernst a lot for what he's done. We have to be thankful that he made our dreams from the 80's come true. And there's a customer feeling that is disappointed to the brim. In one forum was a fan that added all up what we've paid for our FTD collection. Well, it was seveal thousand Euros for books and CDs (he excluded the vinyl but the amount of money made me almost fait anyway). So, Ernst didn't make our dream come true for free. He got several thousand Euros from several thousand fans. For material that he mostly couldn't have used otherwise. For rejects and unbalanced soundboards. Several thousand Euros. And let's face it, surely half of the FTD products do have manmade errors. We've had clipped soundtracks and studio FTDs, countless soundboards running at wrong speed, we've had skipping CDs, CDs with damaged "Where No One Stands Alone", wrong track signals, concerts where Ernst faked the song sequence, nonsensically edited classics (like Pittsburgh 76). And nobody can blame a customer that turns rejects to gold for Ernst for sometimes standing up and saying: It's enough now. And the theory: If the pressing-plant makes an error we get replacements but if Ernst messes up another release we have to live with it while he counts the rejects-to-gold-money is something I can't live with. And it just hurts me to see more and more people jumping off the FTD carrussell and get digital copies of the FTD releases elsewhere. I want to support FTD right to the end. But it can't be a one-sided love affair. Are we fans not even worth a 'one time listed before release' for Ernst?
benny scott wrote on January 22, 2020
Boxcar, how right you are ! I started buying FTD-releases right from the beginning of their existance. OK, we were and are able to obtain unreleased and interesting material and that would not have been possible without Ernst & Co. But as you stated on Jan.17 : all it takes is one, just one (intense and careful !) listen by a competent person to each new release BEFORE the final pressing starts, and the same procedure AFTER the pressing of A FEW CDs to check if the final product will be really OK. Is it THAT difficult ? And by the way : Cisco, you seem to have some influence in general there at FTD. What about a serious talk with all the people involved during the process ? Just a question from my side, no more, no less ! Thanks in advance ! Always El.
Bob Finkel wrote on January 22, 2020
You are so right Boxcar and benny scott. I totally agree. I started buying FTD releases also from the beginning. That has been a lot of money so far. And Boxcar is right, there are just too many CDs with errors, clicks or whatever. A real shame on FTD that expensive products like these have so little quality. Please Ciscoking, try to talk with the people at FTD. It can‘t go on like this.
TheMemphisFan wrote on January 23, 2020
~ How many more times are some fans going to type, "It can't go on like this", yet continue to buy the flawed FTD CDs year-after-year? Shouldn't it be clear by now that Ernst isn't going to change his game plan?
benny scott wrote on January 23, 2020
TheMemphisFan:I'd welcome some explanation concerning "Ernst isn't going to change his game plan." What do you mean exactly by "game plan" ?
TheMemphisFan wrote on January 25, 2020
benny scott, perhaps I didn't use the most appropriate phrasing when I said "game plan". So I'll just say that is doesn't look like Ernst and the FTD team are going to change/improve their quality-control issues. It's been going on far too long.
benny scott wrote on January 26, 2020
The MemphisFan : thanks for your answer. You could be right, I have no much faith in it myself. Let's hope we both ( and probably many others) are wrong !
Dazman wrote on January 30, 2020
Just on another issue. I just got my copy of the EIB Sessions. I haven't played the first 2 CD's. The first one I already have the 1999 re-issue plus bonus tracks. The second, I'll wait until the replacement CD comes. CD's 3 & 4 without listening to all tracks, I assume the playback is perfect on both stereo and laptop. However they won't rip properly, while other CD's I've ripped afterwards were done perfect. Anyone else having ripping problems out there ?
Dazman wrote on January 30, 2020
BTW: I'm ripping through iTunes
Milky White Way wrote on January 30, 2020
Dazman I too have had problems ripping these disks to my iTunes library. I got there in the end but spent a long time in the process, especially disk 4.
Mike.S. wrote on February 08, 2020
JerryNodak (profile/ contact) wrote on Jan 22, 2020report abuse I don't know about another pressing, but do know that my CD does not have the clicks you mention. Yes, I'm sure. Jerry, I meanwhile checked with everyone. I checked the German fans, Netherlands fans, I also checked UK, Australia und US. Everyone sent a confirmation about the mistakes. It seems, you are the only person on the whole planet, who seems to have a CD without these mistakes. Therefore I strongly I doubt your judgement concerning this topic.