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Vegas Throat

November 25, 2019 | Music

CMT returnes with an incredible follow up to last years "I'm Evil". Elvis Presley - "Vegas Throat". Live chronicles volume two. Presented in a six panel digipack, limited to 500 copies, this one will be sold out before Christmas! Every Elvis fan of course will know that this year marked the 50th anniversary of Elvis returning to the stage. An amazing 11 disc boxset was released and although it is a must, it is most likely it will be played often because most shows are pretty much the same as the one before.

CMT/STAR have made an outstanding "Ultimate" release which includes ALL the songs (29 tracks!)  from the shows in ONE performance! Lots of time and effort went into the editing and it sounds like one complete show. This is the one you will be playing over and over, this is why we are Elvis fans; to enjoy his music! 

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is my first live appearance in nine years. 
It is very dry in Las Vegas and singers have what they call a "Vegas Throat" 


Blue Suede Shoes - 08/22/69,Midnight Show
I Got A Woman - 08/22/69,Midnight Show
All Shook Up - 08/21/69,Midnight Show
Inherit the Wind - 08/26/69,Dinner Show 
Rubberneckin' - 08/26/69,Midnight Show
I Can't Stop Loving You - 08/24/69,Dinner Show
Johnny B. Goode - 08/24/69,Dinner Show
Love Me Tender - 08/24/69,Dinner Show
Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel - 08/24/69,Dinner Show
Hound Dog - 08/22/69,Dinner Show
Heartbreak Hotel -  08/24/69,Dinner Show
Baby What Do You Want Me To Do - 08/24/69,Midnight Show
Loving You/Reconsider Baby - 08/23/69,Midnight Show
Surrender/Runaway - 08/21/69,Midnight Show
Funny How Time Slips Away - 08/22/69,Midnight Show
Are You Lonesome Tonight? - 08/21/69,Midnight Show
Words - 08/24/69,Midnight Show
Yesterday/Hey Jude  - 08/24/69,Midnight Show (edit)
In The Ghetto - 08/25/69,Dinner Show
Memories - 08/22/69,Midnight Show
This is the Story - 08/26/69,Midnight Show
My Babe - 08/22/69,Midnight Show
Suspicious Minds - 08/26/69,Midnight Show (edit) 
What'd I Say - 08/22/69,Dinner Show (edit)
Can't Help Falling in Love - 08/24/69,Dinner Show

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Gorse wrote on November 26, 2019
When someone who knows what they are doing, and does it all for me, and I am not yet down to holes in my pants then I will probably buy it.
Gladyslove wrote on November 26, 2019
If you bought the box you realy don´t need this.
bajo wrote on November 30, 2019
I've just made myself a playlist like that from the Live '69 Box. Great stuff! No need to buy what you already have!
Yoshi wrote on November 30, 2019
This gives space for Vol. 2 -1265.