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Once Again #2

November 01, 2019 | Other

Last year ELVIS once again jumped back up the Forbes charts to become #2 Top-Earning Dead Celebrity and this year he retained that same position earning a cool $39 million - helped no doubt by the expanded Elvis Presley's Memphis museum and interest surrounding the 1969 '50th Anniversary'. 

In 2019 Michael Jackson again tops Forbes magazine's annual list of the highest-earning deceased celebrities but with an estimated of $60 million income - this is a massive drop from his income last year of $400 million. Golf legend Arnold Palmer drops to No.4 with $30 million while "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Schulz is back to No.3 with a $38 million. As last year, rounding out the top five is reggae icon Bob Marley ($20 million).

Even with CD sales collapsing nine musicians feature in the list of 13, up from just six a year ago. John Lennon is the richer late Beatle at #7 on the list with $14 million (much of it owed to the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road) while George Harrison is 13th on the list, with $9 million.

Other musicians included are Prince #9 ($12M), Rapper Nipsey Hussle (who was shot in Los Angeles) comes in at 10 with $11 million, XXXTentacion, who died in June 2018, is 11 on the list having made $10 million since his death. He is most-streamed deceased celebrity in America. Whitney Houston is #12 ($9.5M). The great Marilyn Monroe is #8 ($13M) while children’s author Dr. Seuss is #6 ($19M)

Top Ten Forbes magazine Top-Earning Dead Celebrities 2019.
1. Michael Jackson $60 million (down from $400m!)
2. Elvis Presley $39 million (down from $40m)
3. Charles Schulz ('Peanuts' creator) $38 million.
4. Arnold Palmer $30 million.
5. Bob Marley $20 million. 
6. Dr. Seuss $19 million,
7. John Lennon $14 million,
8. Marilyn Monroe $13 million,
9. Prince $12 million,
10. Nipsey Hussle $10 million.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Gorse wrote on November 01, 2019
Nice to see our boy up there along with that enigmatic legendary Marilyn Monroe. Both artists IMHO charisma saturated and both one of a kind.
PRESYER wrote on November 04, 2019
Hi there ! It is just impossible and I repeat : "It is just impossible" that ...Jackson... is first in line ! Quite impossible and by far ! Period !
Gladyslove wrote on November 04, 2019
He must beware that he is not on the third place next year and Mr. Peanuts is second. What is surely happening is that Jacko will be first next year again.
Martin DJ wrote on November 05, 2019
Who cares how much money dead people make.
joemin wrote on November 05, 2019
I believe the estate income will grow in the comming years. I visited Graceland for the first time in September and it was an incredible experience. Everything was so professional and yet so tasteful. Visiting the meditation garden was obviously the highlight, but everything about the visit was memorable. The Elvis Presley's Memphis is a wonderful complex and the guest house is top class. It is incredible that so many people visiting were not even born when Elvis was with us.
Gorse wrote on November 08, 2019
I see there are a couple of comments about the integrity and interest of these lists. Well I find it interesting, harmless. and not mawkish at all. One of the sections on GMB (a UK morning programme) is fashion, and important and world shattering items like can a woman wear white high heels with this colour dress blah blah blah. Apparently is a viewer winner.