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The Elvis Is Back Sessions Tracks

October 26, 2019 | Music

Here is more information on THE ELVIS IS BACK SESSIONS 4 CD-set by Follow That Dream with integral 28 page booklet to celebrate its 60th anniversary year. FTD announced the release of “THE ELVIS IS BACK SESSIONS”. Hailed by many as Elvis Presley’s finest recordings. For the first time, here are all the songs as recorded in sequence. Included are all the RCA outtakes and masters. The release includes a deluxe 28-page booklet and sound carrier adorned with, beautiful portraits, rare photos, insightful essay, recording data and classic memorabilia. 



01 Make Me Know It 2:02 
02 Fever 3:35 
03 The Girl Of My Best Friend 2:25 
04 I Will Be Home Again 2:37 
05 Dirty, Dirty Feeling 1:36 
06 Thrill Of Your Love 3:05 
07 Soldier Boy 3:07 
08 Such A Night 3:02 
09 It Feels So Right 2:12 
10 Girl Next Door Went A'Walking 2:16 
11 Like A Baby 2:39 
12 Reconsider Baby 3:44 
13 Stuck On You 2:22 
14 Fame And Fortune 2:33 
15 It’s Now Or Never 3:18 
16 A Mess Of Blues 2:42 
17 Are You Lonesome Tonight? 3:09 
18 I Gotta Know 2:18 


01 Make Me Know It (take 1) 2:37 
02 Make Me Know It (take 2) 1:59 
03 Make Me Know It (take 3) 2:19 
04 Make Me Know It (takes 4-8) 4:02 
05 Make Me Know It (takes 9-11) 2:55 
06 Make Me Know It (takes 12 & 14) 3:33 
07 Make Me Know It (takes 15-16) 3:01 
08 Make Me Know It (takes 17-18) 2:56 
09 Make Me Know It (take 19/M) 2:10 
10 Soldier Boy (take 1) 3:09 
11 Soldier Boy (takes 2-7) 8:52 
12 Soldier Boy (takes 8-10) 4:15 
13 Soldier Boy (take 11) 3:07 
14 Soldier Boy (takes 12, 14 & 15/M) 4:43 
15 Stuck On You (take 1) 2:35 
16 Stuck On You (take 2) 2:25 
17 Stuck On You (take 3/M) 2:30 
18 Fame And Fortune (take 1) 3:32 
19 Fame And Fortune (take 2) 2:37 
20 Fame And Fortune (takes 3-5) 5:40 
21 Fame And Fortune (takes 6-7) 3:39 
22 Fame And Fortune (take 8) 2:52 


01 Fame And Fortune (take 9) 2:54 
02 Fame And Fortune (takes 10-11) 4:10 
03 Fame And Fortune (takes 12 & 14) 4:09 
04 Fame And Fortune (take 15) 2:42 
05 Fame And Fortune (splice of takes 15 & 14/M) 2:33 
06 A Mess Of Blues (take 1) 3:05 
07 A Mess Of Blues (takes 2-3) 3:00 
08 A Mess Of Blues (take 4) 2:13 
09 A Mess Of Blues (take 5/M) 2:49 
10 It Feels So Right (take 1) 2:08 
11 It Feels So Right (take 2) 2:10 
12 It Feels So Right (take 3) 3:18 
13 It Feels So Right (takes 4 & 5/M) 3:03 
14 Fever (take 1) 3:53 
15 Fever (takes 2-3) 4:08 
16 Fever (take 4/M) 3:56 
17 Like A Baby (takes 1-2) 5:03 
18 Like A Baby (takes 3-4) 3:53 
19 Like A Baby (takes 5 & 6/M) 3:18 
20 It’s Now Or Never (take 1) 3:29 
21 It’s Now Or Never (take 2) 3:24 
22 It’s Now Or Never (takes 3-4) 3:59 


01 It’s Now Or Never (splice of takes 4 & 2/undubbed master) 3:18 
02 The Girl Of My Best Friend (takes 1-3) 5:10 
03 The Girl Of My Best Friend (takes 4-6) 3:51 
04 The Girl Of My Best Friend (takes 7-9) 4:36 
05 The Girl Of My Best Friend (take 10/M) 2:34 
06 Dirty, Dirty Feeling (take 1) 2:25 
07 Dirty, Dirty Feeling (takes 2-3) 1:42 
08 Dirty, Dirty Feeling (take 4) 1:43 
09 Dirty, Dirty Feeling (splice of take 4 and guitar solo from take 1/M) 1:37 
10 Thrill Of Your Love (take 1) 3:41 
11 Thrill Of Your Love (takes 2 & 3/M) 3:46 
12 I Gotta Know (takes 1 & 2/M) 3:05 
13 Such A Night (take 1) 3:15 
14 Such A Night (takes 2-4) 2:27 
15 Such A Night (take 5/M) 3:13 
16 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (takes 1-2) 3:49 
17 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (takes 3-4) 2:11 
18 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (take 5) 3:12 
19 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (workpart take 1) 0:58 
20 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (workpart take 2) 1:18 
21 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (splice of take 5 & workpart take 2) 3:09 
22 Girl Next Door Went A’ Walking (takes 1-3) 4:06 
23 Girl Next Door Went A’ Walking (take 4/M) 2:24 
24 I Will Be Home Again (take 4/M) 2:47 
25 Reconsider Baby (take 2/M) 3:53

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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Gladyslove wrote on October 26, 2019
As I can see we get from 10 songs unreleased material, not counting import releases. So what I say: hallelujah, give it to me straight I need it bad ! My favourite Elvis album.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 26, 2019
Don't think so. I'll pass. Nothing really new or exciting here to be blunt. Saving my money! Things are getting desperate for FTD from the looks of things here.
Gladyslove wrote on October 26, 2019
Take one look again, Cruiser, there is material we didn´t get until this release. But it´s your opinion.
Milky White Way wrote on October 26, 2019
Absolutely fabulous cover and equally good content. Really looking forward to this one and more of what FTD have to offer in this series. I didn’t buy the first FTD outing of Elvis is back because I can’t afford to buy everything and I’m so glad I didn’t. There’s a lot of new material here for me. Happy days.
Bob Finkel wrote on October 26, 2019
Wow really great news. BTW does anybody know why the songs 'I Will Be Home Again' are missing the first 3 takes and 'Reconsider Baby' the 1st take? Otherwise all takes will be found here. Also, all songs here are chronological. I'm looking forward to this box. Just great, really great. Thumbs up.
benny scott wrote on October 26, 2019
Bob Finkel, look at my reaction under "More recent news" "The Elvis Is back Sessions", same site.
Bob Finkel wrote on October 26, 2019
Thank you benny scott, thats what I thought.
Jeoliverm wrote on October 27, 2019
I think that the only previously unreleased complete takes could be: · Fame And Fortune 14 (though it was released in the 24 Carat Gold bootleg) · Fame And Fortune 15 · A Mess Of Blues 4 · Dirty, Dirty Feeling 4 · Such A Night 1 · Are You Lonesome Tonight 5 The rest of the unreleased material I'm sure are incomplete takes. For anyone that has not the previously "Elvis Is Back!" FTD release, this should be a must, but if you have it already...
JerryNodak wrote on October 27, 2019
Assuming the track listing is correct, disk 1 contains the original album and single sides. I already have all that in excellent sound. That's all the EIB I need. Won't be buying this release. Next!
Gladyslove wrote on October 27, 2019
For me it is a must have, also the planned Blue Hawaii we get and Infos about that you can find in the internet. Every complete session is welcome. Ernst, bring it on.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 27, 2019
If you have these 3 FTD CD's, "Elvis Is Back!"(released in 2005), "Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3" (released in 2015), "Elvis For Everyone!" (released in 2014), which is kind of sneaky, as FTD released tracks to get to we "fish" who will buy anything that's an Elvis outtake, you'll have the majority of what they're trying to push now. Save your money if you own the aforementioned FTD releases. If you don't own them, then by all means go for it.
Bob Finkel wrote on October 28, 2019
I am with Gladyslove. Not only nice to have, for me a must have. EVERY COMPLETE session is welcome. But I can also understand people who do not have to or do not want every take. Each his own.
claunath82 wrote on October 28, 2019
the false starts should be separated from the complete takes it would allow us to skip them if we do not want to listen to them, having the ftd from 2005 and the golden records vol 3 I'm not sure to buy this one. In the series of classic albums I would really have wished the 3 camden : flaming star, let's be friends and almost in love but I do not know if it's planned ...
Boxcar wrote on October 28, 2019
3 TTWII books, MRS set, Elvis Is Backset, Viva Las Vegas FTD set, bootlegs, TTWII set early next year, Live 69 box, American Sessions box. The hundred dollar bills are going like crazy. I can understand the fans that don't want to buy this set for a handful of minutes of new music. But as a fan from the late 70s this set is all I've ever dreamed of. All the 'Complete Session' are a miracle for my kind of fans. And hey, we grew up buying a 'Legendary Performer' LP and paying high-price for maybe a new track or two. And we were glad we did cause that we all we had every three or four years. And I won't give up now that there are all takes in one set, with 100% quality and tape box pictures.
atomic powered poste wrote on October 28, 2019
I love the album, one of my favorites. But more of elvis in the studio? I think we all know how elvis has worked, we have bought all (half)relevant takes that are still in existence at peas two times. Personally i am not willing to buy the same takes over and over again + a few false starts that doesn't tell me something new about the album or the artist. I'm tired of the same old stuff. The story is told, I'm tired of it. I'll stick with the original lp, what a great album that is, and new music. Yes, there is so much great new music out there that i don't have four hours to waste with this unnecessary box. Sorry.
Jeoliverm wrote on October 29, 2019
atomic powered, I totally agree with you, there is a lot of great music out there (I don't need it to be new, it's enough that I haven't heard it yet, which makes it new for me). If one is a collector, maybe this release means something, but I wonder what is being collected, and by no means is Elvis's work, IMO.
Gorse wrote on October 29, 2019
I have seen the comment before stating there is a lot of new music out there. Yes and night follows day and Donald Trump upsets a lot of people, yes we do know and speaking personally thoroughly indulge myself ! I am not saying this great release should be a must buy but it is all we have available for those sessions, and it may be the swansong as there are only so many ways you can serve up the same ingredients. Saying all that I do have empathy with claunath82 in splitting out the false starts.
wildfishie wrote on October 30, 2019
This is the kind of treatment "The American Sound" should have had. FTD is a mess. Some decisions they make are really hard to understand.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 04, 2019
This new "sessions" set should have been only 3 CDs in order to keep the cost down. Disk 1 is totally unnecessary.
Bob Finkel wrote on November 04, 2019
On Disc 1 are all masters of this session and in an update sound. For me, Disc 1 is very welcome.
schemies wrote on November 04, 2019
Well, I’ll like it! But since this is about the complete session and NOT about the original album, I find disc one could have been skipped. We had the original album how many times on CD? Roughly 5 times: Very first CD release in 1988, then updated version including singles in 1999, the FTD Classic Album in 2005, the Legacy release in 2011, just after the release of all masters on The Complete Elvis Presley Masters boxed set. That should have been enough, especially since we get all the master takes again with count in. Next time skip it. What’s next? Sessions of 1961, and 1962 (Something for Everybody & Pot Luck)! And especially here, please not again the original album! Keep the sequence of recording, that's better.
whetherman wrote on November 05, 2019
schemies, you took the words right out of my mouth. Well said and I couldn't agree more with every point you made.
joemin wrote on November 05, 2019
I certainly will be buying this. I don't tend to listen to outtakes one after another, I'll mix them around on different playlists. Can never get enough will be disappointed when the well runs dry.
wildfishie wrote on November 05, 2019
Some people don't have the original album, some people prefer everything in one place. Much better having a disc you can skip than having to buy an extra disc you may not have. New fans should be served too. If I were one, I'd rather have everything in one place. Let's not be selfish.
Gorse wrote on November 06, 2019
The views below including mine, show what an impossible task FTD has in satisfying everybody. I think the comment by 'wildfishie' is reasonable enough in its content, but then again perhaps we represent only 5% of the views !! .