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The Elvis Is Back Sessions

October 25, 2019 | Music

FTD announced a 4CD set for late November. More information when we have it!

Source:Now Dig This
Gladyslove wrote on October 25, 2019
What´d I say ! But more info can still be find why not here ?
Bob Finkel wrote on October 25, 2019
Right Gladyslove, why not here. BTW does anybody know why from the songs 'I Will Be Home Again' are missing the first 3 takes and 'Reconsider Baby' the 1st take? Otherwise all takes will be found here. Also, all songs here are chronological. I'm looking forward to this box. Just great, really great. Thumbs up!
Cruiser621 wrote on October 25, 2019
The only one I can think of missing is "I Will Be Home Again"...
Gladyslove wrote on October 26, 2019
It seems there is no take from " Reconsider Baby " and " I will be home again " in the vaults.
benny scott wrote on October 26, 2019
Cruiser621 :Gladyslove is right. Takes 1,2 and 3 of I Will Be Home Again are missing in the vaults. Take 1 of Reconsider Baby : the same! Check the website of Keith Flynn, the site with the most complete and correct info of El's recording sessions. An incredible labour of love by Mr. Flynn. A very Deep Bow and "Hats Off" !
Ciscoking wrote on November 06, 2019
I got Elvis Is Back today and I have to say I am stunned. Firstly it is fantastic to have all the material from the "Elvis Is Back" sessions inluding outtakes gathered on 4 CDs...then the presentation...man..what a piece of art...wonderful coloured pictures of Elvis from these days..many from photo sessions...the CDs are housed in session notes and then the booklet...it contains ALL infos you need from these sessions..and much more..what a knowledgable writing...thats Ernst in his element ! No matter who complaints or not about these "complete sessions" releases..all we have so far are just magnificent...and this one is easily already my fave ..I am sure it will be sold out very quickly..I am already looking forward for more stuff like this...a collectors dream come true...thanks Ernst and compan
Bob Finkel wrote on November 06, 2019
Ciscoking, how is the sound? Especially the CD1 compared to other recent releases. I'm really looking forward to this box. Can‘t wait.
Milky White Way wrote on November 06, 2019
So nice to read your review Ciscoking, everybody has there own opinion but I can’t wait for this release and straight off the back of the Vegas 69 box set which was stunning. Does anyone know the release date?