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Back In Living Stereo Updated

October 09, 2019 | Music

Memphis Recording Service (MRS) announced the 6CD/book combination Back In Living Stereo, with the essential masters, rare outtakes and homerecordings. 

MRS will release a 6CD/100-page book BACK-IN LIVING STEREO on 22nd November 2019 with a new CD housing package box set. 
The 6 CDs contain over 150 remastered tracks of the essential 1960- 1962 master recordings, plus rare alternate outtakes (including unreleased material) and all of the personal home recordings Elvis made during the 1960s.  All tracks have now been cleaned, repaired (there are too many to mention), and restored. The home recordings have now had the same mastering techniques as used so successfully on the recent MRS release Made in Germany. The set also includes unreleased recordings - including one that will have the Elvis world ‘all shook up’, as well as a previously unreleased stereo version of a home recordings. The 100 page book includes rare unpublished documents and photographs, supported by a comprehensive text discussing each of Elvis’ RCA studio (non-film) recording sessions held during 1960-62. 


1.         Make Me Know It
2.         Soldier Boy
3.         Stuck on You
4.         Fame and Fortune
5.         A Mess of Blues
6.         It Feels So Right
7.         Fever
8.         Like A Baby
9.         It's Now or Never
10.        The Girl of My Best Friend
11.        Dirty Dirty Feeling
12.        Thrill of Your Love
13.        I Gotta Know
14.        Such a Night
15.        Are You Lonesome Tonight?
16.        The Girl Next Door Went A-Walking
17.        I Will Be Home Again
18.        Reconsider Baby (with count-in)
19.        Surrender (with count-in)
20.        Milky White Way
21.        His Hand in Mine
22.        I Believe in the Man in the Sky
23.        He Knows Just What I Need
24.        Mansion Over the Hilltop
25.        In My Father's House
26.        Joshua Fit the Battle
27.        Swing Down Sweet Chariot
28.        I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs 
29.        If We Never Meet Again
30.        Known Only to Him
31.        Working on the Building


01         I'm Comin' Home
02.        Gently
03.        In Your Arms
04.        Give Me the Right
05.        I Feel So Bad
06.        It's a Sin
07.        I Want You With Me
08.        There's Always Me
09.        Starting Today
10.        Sentimental Me
11.        Judy
12.        Put the Blame On Me
13.        Kiss Me Quick
14.        That's Someone You Never Forget
15.        I'm Yours (SINGLE UNDUBBED MASTER)
16.        (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame
17.        Little Sister
18.        Good Luck Charm
19.        Anything That's Part of You
20.        Night Rider
21.        Something Blue
22.        Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
23.        (Such An) Easy Question
24.        Fountain of Love
25.        Just for Old Time Sake
26.        I Feel That I've Known You Forever
27.        Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
28.        Suspicion
29.        She's Not You
30.        Steppin' Out of Line (With Count-in)
31.        I'm Yours (LP DUBBED MASTER)


1.         Make Me Know It (Takes 2LFS, 8
2.         Make Me Know It (Takes 14*,16)
3.         Soldier Boy (Take 11)
4.         Fame and Fortune (Take 1FS x 4 & Comp)
5.         Fame and Fortune (Takes 3FS, 6LFS, 7FS & Comp)
6.         Fame and Fortune (Take 8)
7.         Fame and Fortune (Take 9FS & Comp)
8.         Fame and Fortune (Takes 10LFS, 11, 12LFS)
9.         Fame and Fortune (Take 14)
10.        A Mess of Blues (Take 4LFS)
11.        He Knows Just What I Need (Take 9)
12.        In My Father's House (Take 8)
13.        In My Father's House (Workpart Take 1)
14.        I Want You With Me (Tryout)
15.        There's Always Me (Take 3FS)
16.        Put the Blame On Me (Takes 3FS,4FS)
17.        Kiss Me Quick (Take 2)
18.        Kiss Me Quick (Take 3)
19.        Kiss Me Quick (Takes 5LFS, 6)
20.        Kiss Me Quick (Take 7)
21.        Kiss Me Quick (Takes 8LFS, 9)
22.        Kiss Me Quick (Take 10)
23.        Kiss Me Quick (Take 11)
24.        I'm Yours (Take 5, Workparts Takes 1,2)
25.        Little Sister (Takes 10LFS, 11LFS)
26.        For the Millionth and Last Time (Takes 3FS, 4, 5FS & Comp)
27.        For the Millionth and Last Time (Takes 8, 9FS,11FS)


01.        (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame (Takes 7FS,9FS)
02.        Anything That's Part of You (Takes 7FS,3)
03.        I Met Her Today (Takes 3FS ,5LFS ,6FS & Comp)
04.        I Met Her Today (Takes 10FS, 11FS, 12FS, 13)
05.        I Met Her Today (Takes 14, 15FS)
06.        I Met Her Today (Takes 17FS,19FS, 20LFS)
07.        Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 4)
08.        Fountain of Love (Takes 1FS, 2, 3FS FS, 4LFS)
09.        Fountain of Love (Takes 5FS, 6)
10.        Fountain of Love (Takes 7FS, 8FS, 9)
11.        Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Tryout)
12.        Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Take 3)
13.        Suspicion (Take 4 splice w end of Take 5)
14.        She's Not You (Take 2FS & Comp)
15.        She's Not You (Work-parts Takes 1-3)
16.        Come What May (Take 1LFS)
17.        Down In the Alley (Takes 7,8) 
18.        Stand by Me (Takes 3,4,5,6,7)
19.        Without Him (Takes 4FS, 7FS)
20.        Somebody Bigger Than You & I (Takes 2, 4-10)
21.        Somebody Bigger Than You & I (Workpart Ending Takes 1-4)
22.        Goin’ Home* ( Takes 3,4,5,7,10 – 14)


1.You'll Never Walk Alone (incomplete)
2.If I Loved You
3.The Lords Prayer / If I Loved You (reprise)
4.I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder
5.An Evening Prayer (incomplete)
6.Make Believe
7.She Wears My Ring
8.Sweet Leilani (#1)
9.Sweet Leilani (#2)
10.Sweet Leilani (#3)
11.Beyond The Reef (incomplete)
12. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
14.Hands Off
15.Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (incomplete)
16. “You’re’ Driving Me Crazy”


1. After Loving You
2. If I Loved You
3. Show Me Thy Ways, O' Lorde
4. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
5. Hide Thou Me (Rock Of Ages)(#1)
6. Hide Thou Me (Rock Of Ages)(#2)
7. It's No Fun Being Lonely
8. San Antonio Rose
9. Tennessee Waltz (#1)
10. Tennessee Waltz (#2)
11. I've Been Blue
12. Mary Lou Brown
13. Moonlight Sonata
14. Blue Hawaii
15. Oh How I Love Jesus (#1 #2)
16. I, John (incomplete)
17. Write To Me From Naples
18. My Heart Cries For You
19. Dark Moon (Take 1)
20. Dark Moon (Take 2)
21. Indescribably Blue
22. Fools Rush In (Stereo)
23. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
24. What Now My Love (#1)
25. What Now My Love (#2)
26. Five Hundred Miles (#1)
27. Five Hundred Miles (#2)
28. Blowin' In The Wind (#1)
29. Blowin' In The Wind (#2)
30. Suppose (#1)
31. Suppose (#2) 
32. When The Saints Go Marching In

wildfishie wrote on October 10, 2019
When they say "essential", it probably means a compilation of what they consider most important. I don't think it will be a "complete" 1960-1962 studio sessions set, which is a pity. I hope to be wrong.
benny scott wrote on October 10, 2019
wildfishie : i'm afraid you'll be right ! A Belgian Elviswebsite already announced that the moviesongs of the 1960-1962 studio-ses-sions will not be included in this release.
Gladyslove wrote on October 11, 2019
This will be essential as the 60s box without the movie songs but hopefully with unreleased material.
Pinkie wrote on October 11, 2019
Pirzada again stealing intellectual property from, and breaching the copyright of, Sony. When the estate sued him all those years ago, he was crying about potentially losing his home but doesn't seem to have stopped him ripping off others. To be very clear, copyright protections extend to 70 years of first publication so any out-takes includes which Sony has released - and including others which the company hasn't means he has used stolen tapes - are still legally protected. I have reported to to Amazon, Trading Standards and Sony.
Bob Finkel wrote on October 11, 2019
If the tracklist I've seen is true then this will be my first MRS release I will not buy. The first two CD are still ok. But what are the other 4 CDs here? In my opinion, this box is just money making for MRS. No thanks this time.
joemin wrote on October 13, 2019
I share Pinkie's concerns. I only buy Sony/BMG/RCA product. I don't loke to encourage piracy.
Boxcar wrote on October 18, 2019
You’re’ Driving Me Crazy .. Is this the title they announced as "One title that will shake the Elvis world"? Also take 7 on Going Home sees it's first release. Maybe they will use uncut homerecording-tapes, too. Let's see what it is and then yell.