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Good Times

October 04, 2019 | Music

Music on Vinyl will release the LP "Elvis - Good Times" on blue 180g vinyl (2500 copies) on November 8, 2019.

Side A:
Take Good Care Of Her - Loving Arms - I Got A Feelin’ In My Body - If That Isn't Love - She Wears My Ring

Side B:
I've Got A Thing About You Baby - My Boy - Spanish Eyes - Talk About The Good Times - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Bob Finkel wrote on October 04, 2019
I like this LP. Great songs, even though I like Side B a little better, and a great cover. Elvis sounds great here. But of course that's just my opinion.
jaques marcello wrote on October 05, 2019
I agree with Bob Finkel, I also like this LP, my favorite songs are: good time charlie got the blues, I've Got A Thing About You Baby, My Boy, Loving Arms and I Got A Feelin 'In My Body
Gladyslove wrote on October 05, 2019
I love this album. Elvis in good vocal form and the songs are great too. The ftd is one of my favourite with Promised land. Hopefully we get a complete sessions from that period. Wow, just can´t wait for it !
atomic powered poste wrote on October 05, 2019
Imo the Cover is awful. The songs and elvis performances are a mixed bag. Take good care...., if that isn't love, she wears my ring . not exactly great stuff. Loving Arms, talk about. ... and Charlie on the other hand are really good. There are some highlights here, but one lp from the stax sessions would have been enough.
JerryNodak wrote on October 05, 2019
Not every song on an album has to be great. Even Elvis said something, somewhere about mediocre and there being nothing wrong with mediocre, because we all were raised on mediocre sh>t. I agree. I enjoy this LP. Not that I'm going to buy this vinyl, but I like the album as a whole.
Milky White Way wrote on October 06, 2019
The album covers from the 70s look dated now but when I bought then back then, they looked amazing. As far as the content, this is a beautifully balanced album with classics and some decent tracks. There are no poor tracks IMO and equals Promised land. Love the Stax sessions. But won’t buy this.
Gorse wrote on October 07, 2019
Over time I find opinions of this period very mixed, probably because many fans just want a rocking / blues / soul Elvis.. I enjoy the richness of his baritone/tenor country/ballad side of Elvis and would select another 15 tracks as top drawer from the Stax sessions. The only thing wrong with this album is the amount of tracks. No idea what's wrong with the cover as commented below.
benny scott wrote on October 07, 2019
Gorse : I wholeheartedly second that !
Ton Bruins wrote on October 08, 2019
Got that one already for many years.