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Rare Footage

September 20, 2019 | Other

Some rare footage from 1957 used in a PBS movie "Country Music" showed up on Youtube.

circleG wrote on September 20, 2019
absolutely fantastic. The questions about this are going to be endless.
Gorse wrote on September 22, 2019
Yes this sort of stuff is what I like and in my opinion worth more than most new books about him. Agreed hairstyle suggests Jailhouse Rock while the move at about 10 seconds is one he used in Mean Woman Blues.
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 23, 2019
All the film footage seems to be during the Jailhouse Rock timeline based on Elvis' hair and sideburns… and most likely somewhere in California. Note the state highway signs of 17 and 69 on a post behind Johnny Cash when he's walking toward the camera. ~ (Possible clue?) ~ State Route 69 began at SR 198 amid Tulare County. It then headed north and intersected SR 216 in Woodlake and CR J27 amid farmland in the county. The route continued to meet SR 201 in Elderwood. After several miles through Tulare County, it crossed into Fresno County, where it met its north end at State Route 180. In 1972, this highway was decommissioned and renumbered SR 245.
Gladyslove wrote on September 23, 2019
Short but sweet. And I think it was filmed about the time Elvis made Jailhouse rock. Will we get more ???