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The Making Of Viva Las Vegas

September 11, 2019 | Book

The Follow That Dream collectors label, in cooperation with David English and Pal Granlund, will release the book/CD set “The Making of Viva Las Vegas” November 2019. 

The book covers the background story into how the fabulous musical was created and gives a comprehensive insight from script to screen. It contains two hundred and fifty newly discovered images, including wardrobe stills, memo’s, contract and pages from director George Sidney’s personal script, soundtrack recording session documents, memories from cast and crew, the shooting schedule, filming dates and locations revealed for the first time. And an exclusive interview open the film restoration of “Viva Las Vegas”. 

The audio contains the first official release of the original soundtrack in mono, the original conceived 1963 studio album and as a bonus songs from the soundtrack and newly discovered songwriter demo’s. 

The 400-page hardcover book, packed in a deluxe slipcase, has the same size and format as the “Elvis Presley A Boy From Tupelo” book/CD from the FTD label.

Flyer Making of Viva Las Vegas

CD 1 - "Viva Las Vegas" (Mono Soundtrack): 
Viva Las Vegas - What'd I Say - If You Think I Don't Need You - I Need Somebody To Lean On - C'mon Everybody - Today, Tomorrow And Forever - You're The Boss - Night Life - Do The Vega - The Lady Loves Me - Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of Texas - Santa Lucia (Extended Version) - The Climb

CD 2 -  Memphis, Tennessee (The 1963 Album):
Memphis, Tennessee (Alternate Master) - Ask Me (Alternate Master) - Slowly But Surely - Witchcraf - Never Ending - Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers - Long Lonely Highway - Western Union - Love Me Tonight - What Now, What Next, Where To - Blue River - Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee - Bonus Songs:
Devil In Disguise - Please Don't Drag That String Around - It Hurts Me (January 1964 Recording) - Memphis, Tennessee (January 1964 Recording) - Ask Me (January 1964 Recording)

CD 3 - Viva Las Vegas - Bonus Songs:
Appreciation (Master) - Night Life (Full Version - Long Fade) - What'd I Say (Take 4 - Extended Version)

Viva Las Vegas - Songwriters Demos:
The Lady Loves Me (Version 1) - Tody, Tomorrow And Forever - Jealous Fool (Performed By Jimmy Breedlove) - My Rival - Just Like Me - Viva Las Vegas (Performed By Mort Shuman) - You're The Boss - I'd Only Love You More - The Climb (Performed By "The Coasters") - The Big Wheel - Appreciation - The Lady Loves Me (Version 2) - Do The Vega - C'mon Everybody (Performed By Bob Johnston).


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Gladyslove wrote on September 12, 2019
Yeah. Love it. With Ann Margret. Uh, just can´t wait to get it.
jaques marcello wrote on October 05, 2019
I will wait for this release
santiagisitestar wrote on January 17, 2020
Viva Las Vegas book/cd set disc 1 has defect! If you Think I Don't Need You bleeds into I Need Somebody To Lean On. Track 4 Starts 15 seconds into Need Somebody! There is no excuse for these errors on something so expensive! I bought from Graceland Shop USA. How can I get replacements for EIB disc 2 and VLV disc 1?