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That's The Way It Was Trilogy

September 08, 2019 | Book

Erik Lorentzen (Elvis Files) will issue a trilogy on the 1970 movie That's The Way It Is in December. The MGM Rehearsals, The Las Vegas Rehearsals and The Concerts together form the trilogy That's The Way It Was.

Gladyslove wrote on September 09, 2019
The final months of this year will be expensive to the fans. This 3 book set and when I think about the ftd Viva Las Vegas book/Cd set …
Boxcar wrote on September 16, 2019
All we have is Lorentzens statement: I was offered 2,000 unseen photos from my all time favorite period "That's The Way It Is". All from the original negatives and colour slides. After checking some samples I went totally crazy as, being an Elvis photo collector for almost 60 years, this was incredible. If that is true .. these books would be sensational (Even considering his often poor print quality). But the words are clear. There can be no misunderstanding: 2000 unseen pix from negatives.