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American Sound Box

September 04, 2019 | Music

Here is the latest look of the upcoming boxset American Sound 1969, not that badly photo-shopped image, it seems.


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Bob Finkel wrote on September 04, 2019
Finally a nice cover. And it looks like this box will come in the same format as the VLV and the FIA ​​box. Of course that does not change the content, many takes are missing and only a handful of new takes. But the sound - I know the download version - is really great. That's how the songs should sound.
Rob Wanders wrote on September 04, 2019
a much better cover! Looking forward to receive the cdbox!
jaques marcello wrote on September 05, 2019
Much better this cover art
mountain72 wrote on September 06, 2019
Bob Finkel. What are the "many takes" that are missing? With all the official material being released, there surely can't be much left.
Bob Finkel wrote on September 06, 2019
mountain72, here are some examples where most takes are missing. 9 takes of You'll Think Of Me, 8 takes of The Ghetto, 3 takes of True Love Travels, 3 takes of Do You Know Who I Am, 22 takes !!! of Only The Strong Survive. And again and again 1 or 2 takes here and there. Certainly, some songs or takes are complete here. And the sound is really outstanding. I did not recalculate it to the minute, but a 6 CD Box would have shown the session completely. So now some takes are missing, and that is completely unnecessary. A single CD more and the thing would have become perfect. By the way: We fans and FTD collectors already have an influence on this label. Because what was planned only as a download version, will now come as a 5 CD box. And also (my opinion, and not only mine) the really terrible cover will now be changed. In addition it looks from the pictures, as if they also will change the format, as with VLV and FIA, which is good. The protest (which Ernst has confirmed) pays off for us fans. We do not have the year 1994, where such a box would have been a sensation, a real sensation, we write the year 2019. Sorry mountain72 but that's my opinion. It is up to us how everything will go on.
wildfishie wrote on September 06, 2019
I think they should have included all final dubbed masters as well. I can't understand why not put everything together in one place. Would just one more CD make the box so much more expensive?
Bob Finkel wrote on September 06, 2019
wildfishie, I agree. To celebrate this truly extraordinary session, you could have done much more, you even had to. If not all in a box, in LP format maybe even with the LP From Elvis In Memphis, then just as a CD box in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Look at other artists like Beatles, Pink Floyd or Queen. What a shame.
wildfishie wrote on September 08, 2019
I hope the guys at MRS are reading our comments here. I'd love to have their own treatment of this 1969 sessions. They've been doing a flawless job with their complete boxes so far.
schemies wrote on September 09, 2019
Of course this cover is much better, but not the content. I cannot understand why this is not splitted into the 2 sessions of January and February, so it would have been possible to include all takes available somehow. Also I do not agree that the sound is so much improved. Of what I heard from Spotify, they maybe pimped up the bass a bit, but this is no overall improvement. I listed to "Stranger in my own home town" (personal favourite) and could not really find a difference to what I already have, and still the fade-out in the end, also not difference, so I do not believe there was new mastering at all of the already released tracks. And when I listened to all takes of "In the Ghetto", I could recognize that the before unreleased takes (5-10) sounded differently mixed compared to the rest, so this is not what I expect of a session retrospective with the same sound for all takes! I will skip it.